How to Upgrade Any Skincare Routine (Even If You Don't Have One)



"I want to start taking care of my skin," a friend texted me recently. "Teach me your ways." Three typed pages of instructions, a 10-pound box of products, and one relatively expensive trip to the post office later, I realized that maybe—maybe—I had gone just a little overboard. Developing my own routine has been a years-long process, and I had basically attempted to condense everything I've learned about skincare in one rather overwhelming crash course. My friend was just trying to get a feel for the basics, and I had thrown her right into the master class. (Sure enough, she had plenty of follow-up questions once her package arrived.)

Asking anyone to go from using the occasional cleansing wipe to a 10-step regimen overnight is just unreasonable—it takes time to understand your complexion and how it reacts to different products and ingredients, not to mention the proper technique of using different formulas together. Even those of us who have the basics down pat are constantly looking for ways to take our routine up a notch.

The solution? Approach it in simple stages, from beginner to intermediate to advanced. Our step-by-step guide makes it easy.