15 Skincare Products Southern Girls Swear By

Everyone's skin type is different, meaning each of our skincare routines is unique and personal. But your geographic location can affect the skincare products you buy, too. The climate in New England is very different from the climate in the desert of Arizona or New Mexico. Not to mention certain brands and rituals are culturally trendier in some parts of the country than others. For example, Moon Juice's holistic, plant-based skincare and supplements are especially popular in Los Angeles, and so many New York City girls I know get their facials at Joanna Vargas. But these facts obviously aren't true everywhere.

We were interested to know about the skincare products that Southern American women are into at the moment. So, we asked members of our secret beauty Facebook group (The Beauty Line) from Southern states to chime in with their recommendations. Generally, in the South, heat and humidity are more of a consistent issue than they are elsewhere, so that definitely informs one's skincare choices. Our Southern readers also came through with several amazing drugstore recommendations. Curious to discover 15 skincare finds Southern girls swear by? Just keep scrolling.