2018's Best Skincare Products for Women of Color

The melanin in our skin, which translates to a natural, warm, golden glow, keeps our skin flourishing year-round. Skin tones that span the spectrum of brown, from sandy caramel to deep chocolate, deserve products specially made for their complexion. For a while, products like this didn't exist. Usually, you see skincare being advertised for specific skin types, like oily, dry, and combination, completely disregarding the underrepresented group of people with dark skin. Those with darker skin are more prone to things like hyperpigmentation, melasma, dark spots, rosacea, and more. A lot of these concerns are hereditary and a part of our genetics.

Thankfully, more brands have created skincare products that directly cater to dark skin tones. For so long, our skincare concerns have been an afterthought, so it feels refreshing to spotlight the brands that have made waves in the industry with products for women of color. Many of them are niche, indie brands, born in the kitchens of women who couldn't find products on the mainstream market that worked for their skin tone. Some of them have made their way into the aisles of department stores and drugstores, but not nearly enough of them. Women of color, I charge you with the responsibility to support and spread the word about these brands that need to be a part of a larger conversation. Inclusivity is important, as well as healthy ingredients free of harsh chemicals that cater to all complexions. Being educated on what you put onto your skin will in turn gift you with that glowing complexion you deserve. Below are just a few of the brands that deserve a shout-out, but there are more. I hope this number triples in 2018 and beyond.