We Forced Our Skincare-Obsessed Editor To Reveal Her Top 5 Products—Get Excited



As Byrdie HQ's resident skincare enthusiast, I fancy myself particularly skilled when it comes to finding a praise-worthy product. But, when I was tasked with narrowing down my list of favorites (it's long and very extensive) to just five, I was admittedly panicked. There are too many good ones, I whined to no one at all, before spending more time than I'd like to admit whittling down the final docket. The products I chose are all special in their own right, incorporating active ingredients, acids, and tons of hydrating, calming nourishment for a skincare cocktail like no other. I don't use them everyday (save for the Lotion P50 1970, I can't go more than 24 hours without the stuff), but they're the hero products in my rotation. 

Below, I detail my affection for each product, breaking down exactly what it does for your skin and why it's been a game-changer in my routine. My combination skin yields congestion around my nose and chin, dryness everywhere else, and some sun damage leftover from my irresponsible teenage years. Each one of these formulas works synergistically to offer up the perfect antidote. Keep scrolling to watch my special skincare edition of Just Five Things on Byrdie's YouTube channel and even more information on each product down below (as well as a few honorary mentions because it hurts my soul to leave them out).