The 4 Skincare Myths We Need to Stop Believing, According to an Esthetician


One of the pitfalls of the internet age is that it's much easier for falsehoods to be immortalized and perpetuated as truths, and the beauty industry is definitely not immune. (See: Pinterest "hacks" gone very, very wrong.) It's something that even we Byrdie editors—beauty obsessives and science junkies as we may be—fall victim to from time to time. My mind is still blown that drinking lots of water actually isn't doing anything to hydrate my skin.

And as you might imagine, this is doubly frustrating for people who have made a career out of the science of skincare. Case in point: Celebrity esthetician and friend to Byrdie Renée Rouleau took to her blog recently to post about 35 (!) skincare myths she's tired of debunking—and some of them are so well-established, they're totally surprising.

From the truth about eye cream to the real role genetics play in aging, we're calling out four of the most shocking skincare myths below.