11 Things Girls With Great Skin Do in Private

For us beauty editors, sitting at our desks with gel patches under our eyes or strips of sheet mask on our face might not garner as many raised brows as one would think. “It’s for a story,” we’ll explain.

However, we’ll usually save these treatments (particularly the kind that might appear a bit kooky) for the weekends or behind closed doors, where we can freely detox, hydrate, and brighten. After all, these are the times where our skin and hair get a serious reboot—private beauty sessions, if you will.

Since we know these instances all too well, we assumed that other skincare aficionados must follow suit, too, whether it’s at home, in the car, or within any other private domain. Suffice it to say, after surveying a bevy of women with glowing skin, we discovered several useful tips for how to elevate your skincare during your alone time. Keep scrolling to learn more!

What do you do in private for glowing skin? Sound off below!

Opening Image: The Sakara Life Magazine