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These Aren't Regular Pregnancy Products—They're Cool Pregnancy Products

Up until now, if you panned the prenatal wellness and beauty products in a drugstore, they were all utterly clinical: bottles of stretch mark cream, tins of nipple balm, containers of prenatal vitamins. The bland packaging made it almost shameful, like being pregnant is a condition and these products would help you "treat" it. But just as companies are lifting the lid on women's reproductive health and formulating beautiful products that empower women, thus recontextualizing the conversation on feminine care, the maternity space has gotten a major face-lift as well. Brands like Hatch Mama are creating chicly packaged products with all of the good-for-you, pregnancy-safe formulas women need while their bodies enter the most beautiful transitional period. Take a look at our favorite products below.

Hatch Mama Belly Oil $58

As the skin expands, it becomes more susceptible to stretch marks, itching, and inflammation, which is why it's important to keep it hydrated with a rich product like dry oil. This blend of calendula and sweet almond oil soothes the skin as it expands to make the process more comfortable. The bottle's curb appeal makes it a perfect option.

Bundle Organics Variety Sampler $15

Endorsed by new mom Whitney Port, these organic, raw, and fresh-pressed juices are filled with the prenatal vitamins moms need to nourish their own bodies and their baby's. They're also pasteurized to rid the formulas of harmful bacteria.

The Honest Company Organic Belly Balm $15

The Honest Company stands on a foundation of creating products that are safe for the entire family, so it's no surprise the brand boasts a ton of amazing beauty and skincare products for moms-to-be. This potent balm of cocoa butter and vitamin E is ideal for changing skin (even nipples and lips) and can be used long after giving birth. 

Bloom and Blossom Nip and Lip Soothing Balm $23

UK brand Bloom and Blossom is a sweet line of products for mom and baby, including products that help "sleep-deprived" parents and restless babies. We're a fan of this balm for chapped nipples and lips, a super-hydrating product whether you're expecting or not.

Amareta Organic Soothing Breast Oil $58

Breast tissue goes through a lot of changes during pregnancy as well, from skin stretching to chafing from breastfeeding. Give your breasts a dose of nourishment with this 98% organic oil filled with sweet almond oil, evening primrose oil, sunflower seed oil, and vitamin E.

Estelle & Thild BioCare Baby Pregnancy Body Oil $40

Care for your skin from head to toe with this ultra-nourishing, 100% organic body oil. It's recommended to rub it in circular motions on damp skin for maximum results to soothe irritation as well as improve skin elasticity. 

Goop The Mother Load $90

"Many mothers-to-be are already depleted leading up to conception and pregnancy time," explains Oscar Serrallach, who helped formulate these vitamins. So to help support you through pre-conception, pregnancy, and postnatal, this blend of choline, zinc, iodine, iron, and magnesium will help fortify your body and keep it in top working order. Just be sure to check in with your practitioner first before starting any new supplement.

Majka Nourishing Lactation Protein Powder $65

Majka's mission is to create wholesome nutrition for moms, which will in turn nourish baby. Free from heavily processed whey protein, synthetics, and artificial sweeteners, dairy, and soy, its Nourishing Lactation Protein Powder helps increase milk production as well as combats oxidative stress and inflammation. 

Zoe Organic Refresh Oil $12

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