This Trippy LED Skincare Device Is a Huge Hit in Asia

There's game-changing skincare technology coming our way this fall, and you'll want to keep it on your radar. Skin Inc. will soon debut the Optimizer Voyage Tri-Light device in the U.S. after much success in Asia, where it launched in January.

This battery-operated multitasker features three light settings—red, blue, and yellow—to target different skincare concerns, and has low-frequency stimulation to help serums used in conjunction to penetrate the skin. There are six bulbs for each color, and you can customize your 10-minute facial any way you want. The blue light targets acne and sensitivity, red helps with firming and plumping of the skin, and yellow improves skin's tone.

Tan designed this portable LED handheld with every skin type and age in mind. She tells WWD, "There is a huge spectrum, more than the skin care has. We have teenagers with severe acne, 50- to 60-year-old women who want the LED for lifting. Their skin is getting thin, and they feel the need to get the most out of their skin care, especially for laugh lines. And working women in their 30s simply don’t have the patience to be lying down in a spa."

Skin Inc. is known for its personalized approach to skincare, so it makes sense that the brand would launch a high-tech device that allows for customized settings. We'll be posting a review closer to the launch date, so stay tuned.

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