Skin-Perfecting Makeup

Spring is all about fresh starts, so it's no surprise that we find ourselves reassessing our beauty routines at this time every year. That means putting away our darkest lipsticks, shelving our heavy lotions, and editing our makeup bags so they are as streamlined as possible. It's also the ideal time to embrace some new and noteworthy products, which is why we're so excited about today's story. We've sourced seven of the most incredible tinted moisturizers, BB creams, and foundations for your perusal, all of which have a) just hit the market and b) are certainly worth checking out. With formulas ranging from featherweight to fabulously creamy, these multi-tasking products have a range of attributes and price points, so you're certain to find something wonderful that works for you!

A. Garnier BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector ($12.99)
First things first: what in the world is a BB Cream? Glad you asked, dear readers! Also known as Beauty Balms, Blemish Balms, or Blemish Bases, the cream was developed decades ago by a German dermatologist to help soothe and protect skin after laser treatments. These creams have been huge in Asia for ages and are just hitting our shores now. Garnier's version is wonderfully affordable and uses tinted mineral pigments (for natural, even coverage) and Vitamin C (a skin-perfecting antioxidant that battles the signs of aging) to even out your skin tone and make it look plump. Even better: the formula gives you SPF 15 skin protection, so you're shielding it too!

B. Clinique Age Defense BB Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 30 ($37)
Clinique knows how to create products that deliver real results, which is why we're delighted by their newest addition: Age Defense BB Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 30. Available in three shades, this BB Cream is truly a multitasking product: it protects (the broad-spectrum SPF shields your skin from sun damage), prevents (the formula contains antioxidants like Vitamin E, which slow the aging process), and prettifies (the lightweight formula gives a fair amount of coverage, but you can use it as a primer if you'd prefer). No wonder we think this one is an absolute must-buy!

C. Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam ($10.99)
If you're looking for a product that makes you feel like you're wearing nothing at all, you simply must check out Maybelline's new Dream Nude Airfoam. It comes in 12 excellent shades, has a SPF 16 formula, and disappears into your skin immediately. It's ideal for someone looking for ultra-lightweight coverage with a slightly matte finish.

D. NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer ($42)
Everyone knows that NARS is celebrated for creating the most perfectly pigmented products, but the brand makes so much more than gorgeous lipsticks and essential eye shadows. We're crazy about their new tinted moisturizer, which not only makes your skin look stunningly even, but also works to improve your complexion. After just four weeks of wearing this product, your dark spots and hyperpigmentation will fade, so your bare skin looks better than ever. Plus it has an oil-free formula with SPF 30 protection and comes in nine amazing shades. All in all: this is a smart buy.

E. Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow SPF 25 ($34)
Do you love a classic foundation? If so, you'll love the new brightening formula from Benefit because it gives you the coverage you crave, plus added benefits! The nine oil-free shades are SPF 25 and formulated with the brand's Oxygen Wow Hydrating Complex, which helps keep the skin hydrated and gives your complexion a desirably plumped-up look. It's perfect for those of you who like light to medium coverage and a natural finish.

F. Dior Diorsnow UV Shield BB Crème ($50)
We adore products that make our skin look radiant, which is why we're totally addicted to Dior's version of the BB Cream. The brand's Diorshow UV Shield BB Crème gives you loads of sun protection (it's SPF 50), evens out your complexion (with continued use, dark spots will vanish), and the lightweight formula conceals imperfections in an impressive way. If you like a truly flawless face, you must invest in this product!

G. Dr. Brandt Signature Flexitone BB Cream ($39)
Dr. Brandt is a skincare wizard and he brings this magic to the makeup world with his new BB Cream. The one-shade-fits-most product works with a wide range of skin tones, plus it gives you SPF 30 broad-spectrum protection. The formula's ultra-moisturizing, minimizes fine lines, and gives skin a healthy, youthful glow: all very desirable things, indeed. Highly recommended for those of you who hate figuring out what shade to buy-the self-adjusting formula is really brilliant!