Fascinating Stories From the Dermatologist's Office

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone, anyone, in the beauty industry who isn’t fascinating by the job of dermatologists. From their acne-vanishing magic to their disease-preventing prowess, derms truly have the power to change (and save) lives. Ever since adolescence, we’ve considered our derms integral to not only our beauty routines but also our health. Whether helping us battle acne and hyperpigmentation or checking up on our skin’s general wellness, dermatologists seem to have all the answers.

But they are people after all, and the day-to-day role of a doctor isn’t always so seamless. Because we are deeply curious (i.e., nosy), we asked for more about what goes on behind the scenes at the derm’s office: What are the daily challenges of a dermatologist really like? What do derms experience on the job that med school didn’t prepare them for? And do they have any fascinating (or freaky) stories to share?

To find out, we got in contact with four dermatologists who laid it all out on the exam table, sharing must-know lessons and surprising anecdotes straight from the derm’s office. Keep reading to hear top dermatologists spill secrets and stories from their practice!

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