The Most-Searched Skin Conditions in Every State


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What's the last skincare concern you googled? We Byrdie editors have been known to look up all kinds of skincare questions and maladies, from how to get rid of under-eye circles to how to chemically exfoliate your entire body. (You can read more about our myriad Google searches here.)

Everyone is affected by skincare concerns, and Google is often the first place we turn to find out more, so search statistics can actually tell us a lot about the skin conditions that affect people most. According to some fascinating new statistics from, the most-searched skin conditions vary enormously depending on which state you live in.

Skinfo was interested to find out which skin conditions affect Americans around the country the most, so they compiled data behind the top-searched conditions in every state, as compared to the national search volume, in Google. Then, they used their findings to create the map below. As it turns out, the results are quite telling. Want to find out the most-Googled skin condition in your state? Just keep scrolling!