Double Duty: Makeup Products That Cover and Clear Acne

We're told time and time again that the key to having the best-looking makeup is taking good care of the canvas (your skin!). No matter how expensive the products are or how well you apply them, your overall look just won't have that wow factor unless you're diligently and consistently maintaining a healthy skincare regimen.

But if we're being truly honest here, there are those days where our skin takes on a mind of its own and breaks out like crazy (hi, time of the month), and our finely crafted skincare routines don't stand a chance. It's during these instances that we have to whip out the heavy artillery: skin-clearing makeup. It's true—you can actually cover blemishes while treating them at the same time, sending breakouts packing before you know it. However, as with all acne treatments, we recommend consulting a dermatologist before using makeup with acne medication, especially if you have sensitive skin. 

For clearer days ahead, keep scrolling to see our favorite double-duty, acne-fighting makeup!

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