Skims’s Cotton Collection Is Officially The MVP of My Loungewear Wardrobe

The 500K-person waitlist totally makes sense.

Jamila Stewart

Byrdie/Jamila Stewart

Loungewear today feels completely different than it did just two years ago. For me, it then meant old college T-shirts, an oversized tie-dye top I’d acquired from who-knows-where, or track pants "borrowed" from my significant other’s stash. These days, I find myself on a mission for lounge pieces that make me feel cozy while simultaneously leaving me feeling put together. 

There’s certainly no shortage of indoor clothing on the market these days, ironically making it that much more necessary to outline your must-haves before embarking on your search. Among my non-negotiables are a sizable minimalist colorway selection, lightweight fabrics, and some sense of support. Naturally, matching sets are also obligatory. 

It’s been hard to miss the swift rise of the Kim Kardashian-helmed shapewear and essentials brand, Skims, to the top of the loungewear pyramid, and it turns out the hype is within good reason. Consider me their newest fan, as the brand’s Cotton Collection has earned a permanent spot in both my WFH and bedtime wardrobes (so basically, it's what I’m wearing 70% of the time). 

Skims Cotton Collection Review

Jamila Stewart

Byrdie/Jamila Stewart

Like many of Skims' collections, The Cotton Collection boasts both undergarments and styles apt for lounging in. But perhaps what makes this collection one of the brand’s most sought after (it has a 500,000-person waitlist and is their most-tagged collection on Instagram) is that it offers both ribbed and jersey cotton options, which means there’s just about something for everybody. 

I went for their Cotton Jersey T-Shirt ($48) and Cotton Jersey Boy Short ($22) in cotton jersey fabric and their Cotton Plunge Bralette ($36) and Cotton Rib Boxers ($32) in cotton rib. These pieces have effectively ended my search for loungewear that is stretchy enough to live in all day yet supportive enough to eliminate that lazily dressed look you often get when wearing sweats. The latter has allowed me to wear the Cotton Jersey T-Shirt, which I got in the shade Bone, beyond lounging grounds. I've paired it with everything from cargo pants to cream-colored denim and heels for a monochromatic look. 

I don’t find the other styles I selected quite as versatile—the boy shorts don’t have much length, and the bra and boxers set carries an "underwear" vibe. But regardless, I like to think matching sets are akin to "outfits" for at home. 

If I’m honest, I have the many hours I’ve spent binge-watching YouTube try-on hauls to thank for the initial urge to hop on the SKIMS train, but each product on their site has a slew of positive reviews from regular customers to back up the claims of influencers. 

Skims Shopping Tips

Jamila Stewart

Byrdie/Jamila Stewart

I’ll leave you with a seemingly obvious pro tip—don’t overlook the size guide. My bra size is 38D, and the plunge bralette in a large doesn’t provide me optimal coverage. But upon second glance, the size chart, in all fairness, actually recommends an XL. The large still manages to get the job done, though. 

The remainder of the styles fit like a dream, so if you catch me wearing the same Skims sets within any given week on IG stories, know it’s justified. Keep scrolling to shop the pieces for yourself. And as luck would have it, you’re just in time to catch a recent restock, which also included a few seasonal colors. 

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