This Simple Thing Can Undo a Day Spent Sitting at Your Computer

The last thing we need is to be told AGAIN (and again, and again) how much sitting at our desks is killing us. We get it—and whenever a new study details what sedentary office life is doing to our bodies, we can't be alone in thinking, Okay, but apart from quitting my job, WHAT do you expect me to do? 

Well, finally, some great news: Scientists have discovered that the fix is not only ridiculously simple but will also take minimal time out of your day. A new study shows that walking for just 10 minutes after sitting all day can reverse the negative effects on our vascular systems, like decreased blood and potential heart damage. In other words, you can actually undo the damage of six hours of sitting, with a quick stroll.

Of course, there are plenty of other bad things associated with being stuck at our desks for hours at a time that a 10-minute stroll won't necessarily help. But on the other hand, we have to say this gives us hope that more easy fixes are on the way. Our parting tip? Don't wait six hours to stretch out your legs. Making yourself take a walk around the block (or even the perimeter of the office!) every couple of hours is a great way to refresh your mind and your body. 

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What's your favorite way to get moving at the office? Tell us in the comments below!