This Silicone Pad Gets Rid of Wrinkles in a Matter of Hours

Gigi Howard was tired of getting sleep-induced chest wrinkles in her late 20s.

Standing in front of a room of beauty editors at the Core Club in NYC, the hysterical Southern mom told us she'd wear scarves on a sweltering day in her hometown of Georgia just to hide any creasing she had around her cleavage. She'd tried everything from skincare products to physically duct- or masking-taping her skin taut while she slept. Then, one day while at the doctor's office, she noticed a piece of medical-grade silicone used to treat scarring for C-sections and asked her doctor if she could have a piece. That night, she applied it to her chest, and the next morning, her wrinkles were practically nonexistent.

Sound like a gimmick? The fact of the matter is medical-grade silicone has been used for years on surgical scars or wounds to reduce noticeable scarring or keloids from forming. By placing silicone on the skin, a "mico-climate" is created wherein the skin is encouraged to release water, then return back into the skin. Without the silicone, hydration is lost from the skin and not replenished. In the case of chest wrinkles, the adhesive pad smooths out the skin while hydrating it at the same time so that wrinkles are less apparent. Secondly, the micro-climate also helps encourage collagen production to be activated and normalized so that depressed skin is drawn up.

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