Sinful Colors' New Polishes Smell Like Cheetos, Tacos and Cake—So I Tried Them

sinful colors sweet n salty

 Harry Hill

Meet Byrdie Boy Harry Hill. Each month, he'll be sharing his latest musings on beauty and pop culture. This month, he shares why his nails currently look like he dipped them in Cheetos crumbs.

We’re here today because Bebe Rexha’s nails look like tacos. When the pop star and SinfulColors ambassador posted this pic with her taco-esque looking nails, I didn’t realize that they also smelled like tacos. I knew right then that I needed my own taco scented nails.

bebe rexa sinful colors
Harry Hill 

We all know the smell of nail polish can be nauseating. Who hasn’t experienced the punch of acetone-soaked air upon entering a nail salon? It’s probably the worst part of any manicure experience. In a perfect world, what would nail polish smell like? If you answered rosewater, you’re dreaming. But if you answered donuts, pizza, tacos, chocolate, or cheese, then SinfulColor’s latest dish will feed your fantasies. 

Sinful Colors Sweet & Salty
 Harry Hill

Sinful Colors Sweet and Salty collection contains six nail-watering flavors: Chocolate Cake, Donut Even, Pizza Party, Cookies & Creme, Taco Tuesday, and Cheese Puff. And they all smell like they sound. That's the claim, anyway. Each bottle is adorned with a sticker that says "Sinfully scented!" which is funny because it's kind of true. Like, yes, making a nail polish that smells like pizza is a sin.

Perhaps it was lunchtime when the nail polish engineers(?) at SinfulColors came up with this line. Or maybe they were all just a little stoned. Either way, they’ve given foodies and nail junkies everywhere something to celebrate. Being both, I tried them all. I, personally, was a little stoned when I tried these polishes. (Kidding.)

Before I elaborate on each flavor, I’d like to note that the snack smells only begin to emanate once the polish starts to dry. Once it “hits,” it lingers for a couple of hours and then slowly dissipates. They’re easy to apply and dry quickly, just like ordinary polish. And for $3 a bottle, they’re not a huge investment. While I tried each of the polishes on individually, the thought of layering them did cross my mind. Let’s dig in. 

sinful colors chocolate cake
 Harry Hill

Sinful Colors Chocolate Cake: 

The Chocolate Cake polish is the most aggressive of the bunch. It’s as dark as brown can get before being black and it has a rough texture to emulate cake’s crumbly nature. While it does offer a chocolate-y smell, it’s nothing Willy Wonka would put his name behind, if you catch my drift. 

sinful colors donut even
 Harry Hill

Sinful Colors Donut Even:

This color piqued my sugar-heavy appetite immediately because it’s a light pink base filled with rainbow sprinkles. When applied, the vibe is very '80s workout outfit. Meanwhile, the donut scent that begins to slowly waft up from this polish has extreme Bath & Body Works energy. If you’re a sucker for candles that smell like sugar, you’ll dig this. Just don’t get it near a flame.

sinful colors pizza party
 Harry Hill

Sinful Colors Pizza Party:

This is the first “salty” flavor I tried and it’s...interesting. Scentwise, I can’t really put my finger on it (literally) but there’s definitely something bread-y happening here. The sequins are tomato red, the specks are black (pepper?), and the confetti is parmesan white. They all come together to form a busy nail that somehow does resemble pizza. Order’s up!

sinful colors cookies & creme
Harry Hill 

Sinful Colors Cookies & Creme: 

The Oreo inspired polish is the only one that smells like something other than nail polish upon opening the bottle. Think sweet cream mixed with nitrocellulose! Colorwise, it’s greyish with flecks of dark brown. On the nails, it looks like you ate an Oreo McFlurry with your fingers, which can be totally cute or kinda gross, depending on your age. 

sinful colors taco tuesday
 Harry Hill

Sinful Colors Taco Tuesday:

Another savory flavor for the spice girls (and guys) out there. Similar to the pizza flavor, the taco polish smells vaguely like its namesake (keyword: vaguely). There is an unmistakable tortilla scent that permeates here. Call me crazy, but I actually think I got some serious whiffs of shredded lettuce, too. Aesthetically, this polish has a beige base littered with flecks of green glitter—which I like to think are jalapeños and red/pink confetti. While it might look like cat puke in the bottle, the final product is totally taco. Give them something to taco 'bout!

sinful colors cheetos
 Harry Hill

Sinful Colors Cheese Puff:

If you’ve ever eaten Cheetos, you’re familiar with the sticky, pseudo-cheese film that gets left on your fingertips afterwards. This nail polish aims to recreate that on top of your nails. Talk about inception. The smell is kind of footsy but we can't fault them for that because cheese itself is kind of footsy. And honestly? This might be the standout of the collection. With a rough texture and the perfect Cheeto orange color, it really does provide a Cheeto-licious manicure. Chester the Cheetah is shaking. 

It’s also important to note that the removal of these polishes takes a little bit longer than usual due to the amount of sequins/specks/sprinkles in the formulas. If you’ve got a date and you don’t want to show up with taco-scented nails, I don’t blame you. But don’t wait until the last minute—otherwise you will be anxiously scrubbing tomato-colored sequins off. Even after you’ve used half your bottle of nail polish remover, you’ll probably still need to go in and scrape the remaining specks off individually like I did. Hang on, Mark! I’m trying to get the shredded lettuce off of my nails! Like, actually!

I guess I’d recommend these polishes to a.) parents of young kids for the novelty factor b.) influencers who need a crazy product to talk about c.) anyone who wants their nails to smell vaguely like a convenience store. It’s 2020, baby, and you can have your cake and paint it on your nails, too. 

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