30 Halloween Makeup Ideas for the Minimalist

The spookiest season of the year has arrived, and Halloween is historically known as the perfect time to go all out. It's an excuse to do the absolute most with your hair, makeup, and outfit—the works, if you will. Whether you want to relive your childhood costume dreams, or go for a spooky or ultra-sultry vibe, this is your chance to transform into whoever you want to be. And if simple makeup looks are more your thing, we support that. That's why we've rounded up some of the best Halloween beauty looks for those who don't want to spend hours at their vanity.

Understated Mermaid

Woman with colorful makeup

Now is the time to pull out the bright cobalt blues and saturated purple eye shadows that have been sitting on your vanity untouched. L'Oréal Paris Global Makeup Director Val Garland's stunning look is the perfect example. Pair your mermaid eyes with a glittery purple lip for a bit more drama.

Galaxy Goddess

As beautiful as the stars in an endless galaxy, this makeup look is out of this world. Equipped with lots of shimmer highlight, metallic chrome eyes, and glossy blue lips, it's a complete cosmic experience.

Chill Flower Child

Woman with flower makeup

If you're entirely over flower crowns but still want to unleash your inner flower child on All Hallow's Eve, opt for dainty flowers around your eyes. Make like the imitable Katie Jane Hughes and dust pastel shades on the inner and outer corners of your eyes to draw more attention to the area. You can do this in 10 minutes, tops. The flower decals can be attached with face-safe eyelash glue.

Beauty Portrait

An artistic line drawing with some exaggerated eyelashes is simple, yet sends the message that you put some thought behind your Halloween makeup. You don't need to be a pro to perfect this look; practice by drawing the lines on with a small brush and some face paint. Add your choice of lipstick or gloss to finish.

Doll-Inspired Makeup

Doll makeup on woman

Take our very own grown-up version of doll-inspired makeup for some inspo this year. Pop on falsies, faux freckles, a bright pink lip like Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Luminous Matte Lip Colour ($38) in La Diva, and some white eye shadow to complete this look.

Foil Eyes

Woman with silver glitter makeup

You can never go wrong with glitter. The key is not going overboard so the product remains easy to work with and you can avoid unfortunate accidents. You can always add more later! Place some glitter on the lower lash line and around your outer corners to recreate this festive, space-age look for a sparkly finish.

Sparkly Lids

Woman with glitter eyeshadow makeup

Another chic way of incorporating glitter is by adding it to your entire eyelid and brushing up your brows for more definition. You don't even need to add mascara to this look, as the lids do all the talking. Just be sure to apply eye primer or glitter glue to be sure the sparkles stay put.

Falling Glitter

Glitter eye makeup

Go with a multicolored vibe by focusing colorful glitters on the outer corners of your eyes and falling down onto the cheekbones. An added bonus? This look doesn't require much precision, making it that much easier to do by yourself.

Rainbow Bright

This avant-garde eye is sure to turn heads this Halloween. Think of it as an homage to '60s makeup with rainbow bright colors. Add a few colorful, winged strokes around each eye with an eyeliner pen or damp brush for maximum effect and then load on the mascara.

Starry-Eyed Gem

A jewel-encrusted eye in the shape of a star is such a great makeup idea for Halloween, and easy to execute. All you need is some rhinestones and eyelash glue. Place the stones carefully in neat lines on the skin and allow optimum drying time so they stay put.

That '70s Vibe

70s halloween makeup

Look like you stepped right out of the '70s by pairing glitter lips with the biggest sunglasses in your collection, as demonstrated by this Fendi runway model. Even if you don't have sunglasses, your flashy lips will be enough to draw attention.

The Painter's Palette

Mimic a painter's palette with colorful strokes that resemble swatches for Halloween. Mix up whatever combination of colors you'd like to wear—the possibilities are endless—and pair the look with a painterly oversized button-down shirt.


Platinum eyebrows and a dark lip give off bewitching vibes. If actually bleaching your brows is intimidating, there are YouTube tutorials that teach you how to cheat the look. But never fear—the dark lips paired with similarly-toned nails and bare, glossy skin is more than enough to make a makeup statement.

Glitter Lip Liner

glitter lip makeup

We're obsessed with this glitter lip liner nailed by the amazing Regan Rabanal of MAC Cosmetics. The sparkly coating is bold enough, but add a few coats of cobalt mascara and some gold glitter freckles to re-create the complete look.

Heavy Metal Tears

woman with orange makeup

Christian Siriano made heavy-metal tears a thing on the runway, and we're totally here for it. Try blending a coppery, reddish metallic eyeshadow shade down onto your under eye area, or use a pigment for a sharper look.

Sewn Shut

Don't have much to say this Halloween? Make a statement with this punk fashion lip look. All you need is a black eyeliner to draw crisscrossed lines around the mouth, the sloppier the better.

Tears of Gold

Woman with tear makeup

If you're not into glitter, opt for a single metallic teardrop instead. These stylish tears, seen here on a Jeremy Scott runway model, are perfect for Halloween when paired with spidery, Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas, lashes.

Lightning Rods

Woman with bright green and pink makeup

This is another opportunity to reach for the boldest shades you always skip in your favorite palettes and have fun with unique shapes, like cutting-edge lightening bolts. Add a few sharp lines with liquid liner around your eye area and fill in above the crease with a bright color of your choosing.

'60s Mod

woman with makeup

Create structure on your lids to channel your love for the '60s with this graphic liner look. Try blending a smoky shade with stencils to nail these precise lines.

Modern Catwoman

Woman with makeup

Add glitter to the inner corner of this exaggerated cat-eye and don't bother filling in the rest to keep things (somewhat) minimal.

Golden Girl

woman with colorblock makeup

Edge up your eyes with opaque black and place a gold adornment over the bridge of your nose, securing it with eyelash glue to pull the look together.

Metallic Maven

woman with makeup and silver wig

We couldn't be more obsessed with this stunning look created by the talented makeup artist Michael Anthony. To replicate it, use Mehron Metallic Powder With Mixing Liquid ($13) to create a sharp eyeliner and line underneath your lip.

Full of Stars

Woman with star makeup

This stunning star-girl look is arguably the simplest of the bunch. All you have to do is place a bunch of star stickers all over your face. Grab the star stickers from your local craft store or Amazon.

Neon Lines

Show-stopping neon accents make quite a statement, and the minimal lines on the eye create the perfect blend of relaxed and edgy. All you need is a neon-colored liner in the shade of your choosing.

Flaming Hot

If you're burning with desire to get creative with your Halloween makeup, these flames will do the trick. This look is a real conversation starter. You can mix yellow face paint for maximum intensity or use an eyeliner pencil and matching shadow to create this look.

Brow Drama

woman with makeup

Give the nod to all the crazy brow trends that have gone viral, because why not? All it takes is a few defined flicks of a dark eyeliner pencil and messy mascara to round out this look.

Bubblegum Pink

Look bubblegum-sweet with a monochromatic makeup look. Bring your blush color all the way up to your temples and blend the same shade onto the eyes for a striking effect. The tiniest flick of pink eyeliner in the corner adds dimension and detail. Use a pink blush or eyeshadow to re-create this look.

Sunshine Liner

All the rays of a golden sun make up this creative eye makeup. Bright pink, red, orange, and yellow stripes create a happy, sunny look. Use a touch of concealer at the edges to sharpen the lines.

Spooky Bat

Black and orange eyeshadow adorn the eye, while the tiniest bat detail underneath severs up major Halloween vibes. You can draw the bat with black liquid eyeliner if you're confident or use a sticker.

Hot Fireworks

Like explosive fireworks full of vivid color, these eyes are so exciting. Colorful shadows frame the entire eye lid, paired with a bold eyeliner to add some light detail. Keep face makeup natural with just a touch of color on the lips.

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