A Step-By-Step Guide For Creating a Simple Eyeshadow Look

Makeup artist Ashley Rebecca shares her expert tips.

ashley rebecca applying simple eyeshadow

Ashley Rebecca 

Seeing a lot of us wear eyeshadow daily, it's imperative we feel comfortable creating color combinations when wanting to try something new. Since shadow palettes come in an array of hues, It's no surprise this can feel overwhelming when you're choosing from several colors at once.

A common challenge for most is understanding how and exactly where to apply eyeshadow to create looks that are easy to wear every single day. If you've ever wondered where to apply eyeshadow, you're certainly not alone. Utilizing a simple routine for eye makeup is the first step in becoming the most confident. The more you practice blending and application techniques, the easier your eyeshadow applications become over time. So where exactly do you start? Everything you need to know about applying a simple eyeshadow look is summed up in our simple tutorial below.

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Apply Eyeshadow Primer

Eyeshadow primer

The first step when creating an eyeshadow look is to make sure you've got your bases covered (literally). If you've ever noticed your eye makeup doesn't last through the day, utilizing an eyeshadow primer will help significantly with fade. Primers prevent creasing and smudging, and depending on the look you're going for, you can apply a clear primer or one that has a slight tint (some formulas even contain anti-aging properties).

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Choose Your Neutral Base


Once you've applied your eyeshadow base and have given it a few seconds to dry, you can move on to your first color. For this step, choose a neutral wash of color that is natural and blends with your skin tone. I am using shade "swarm" from Urban Decay's Naked Honey Palette, ($49).


Apply the base color with a flat eyeshadow brush ensuring the entire lid is covered. Lightly tap the shadow on the eyelid and extend it up to the brow bone if you choose, to ensure all areas of where you've applied primer are covered.

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Add Depth Into Crease


You'll notice that adding depth into the crease is where the definition starts to form, and the shades you've chosen are beginning to have a nice contrast to each other. For this step, I'm adding a deeper color a few shades darker than my base, called "drip."


Using a fluffy eyeshadow crease brush, I'm blending the shadow in a circular motion into the crease of my eye. The key to this step is knowing that the more you practice it, the more you master the art. You must take your time blending darker shadows to get it just right. Blend, blend, blend, and when in doubt, blend some more.

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Utilize Your Highlight


Highlighting under the eyebrow gives a soft shimmer and defines your browbone at the same time. For the highlight, I'm using shade "flyby," which is a light champagne color. Seeing as everyone's skin tones are different, the key for highlighter is to make sure it doesn't appear too stark. Avoid any color that is so bright it looks frosty, as this can detract attention from the overall look.

As a general rule of thumb, your optimal highlight shade is typically two shades lighter than your skin tone.


There's no need to use several brushes when applying eyeshadow; you just need 2-3 quality brushes that blend well. As you can see here, I'm using the reverse side of the brush I used for my base color.

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Pay Attention To Inner Corners


Applying a shimmering eyeshadow to the inner corners of your eyes is a great way to illuminate. I've chosen the sparkly gold shade "golden" to use.


You can see the touch of light gold shimmer in the inner corners here, and this step brings all the colors together for a multi-dimensional eyeshadow look. Any highlight will work for this, and it's fun to experiment with different tones until you find one you love.

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Finish With Mascara


The end steps to complete your look is to apply eyeliner if you'd like and finish with a few coats of mascara. I've chosen GrandeDRAMA Lash Thickening Mascara, ($25) to compliment this simple eyeshadow look.

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The Finished Product


The final detail? Sit back and admire your hard work. With all the knowledge you now have about applying eyeshadow, you'll be a pro in no time at all. Keep scrolling to shop the products used in this tutorial.

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