Simone Biles Chose the Most Classic French Manicure for Her Wedding Nails

Cue the wedding bells.

Simone Biles selfie


If you’ve been following Simone Biles, then you know that the Olympic gold medalist has been busy preparing for her wedding to NFL player, Jonathan Owens. While the two were officially married in a courthouse wedding on April 22, they're hosting a larger celebration with friends and family this weekend, starting May 5. Biles has been showing us all her prenuptial outfits and manicures on Instagram, and on May 4, Biles showed off her wedding day French mani.

Biles shared a photo of herself wearing a white two-piece sweatsuit, with the word “bride” spelled out on her hoodie in rhinestones. She wore her hair in long waves, and had a glass of champagne in her hand while her light blue handbag rested next to her. She was on a party bus with Owens, on their way to get ready for the big day.

simone biles wearing a wedding day french manicure


Her wedding day French nails brought elegance to her pared-down pre-wedding look. Her nails featured a medium-length almond shape and had a pink nude base that blended into a classic white tip. Biles posted a closer look at her manicure next to a friend’s strawberry milk nails, and the white tips have a soft curve, creating the illusion of natural nail growth.

simone biles wedding day french and a friend's strawberry milk manicure


As we head into wedding season, we're starting to see a similar theme between celebrity wedding nails. While their celebrations are all unique, their manicures all follow a similar “my nails but better” theme, looking natural and polished. These manicures typically favor soft pink hues like Sofia Richie’s recent milky wedding nails, or soft white shades like Millie Bobby Brown’s pearly chrome manicure for her engagement photos. Biles’ wedding day French nails basically marry these two manicures together with its pink base and white tips, and has a classic and timeless feel.

Despite the name, you don’t need a ring to wear this wedding day French—and luckily, it’s relatively easy to achieve at home. First, start pushing back the cuticles for a clean look, and then buff and file your nails. Apply a base coat and two coats of a nude-pink polish of your choice and wait for that to dry. After, use a fine nail brush to draw a crescent shape towards the center of your nail, and then fill in the tip of your nail with white nail polish. (If this is too complicated for you, we recently explained how you can apply tape to your nail to act as a stencil for your French tip.) Finally, finish the look off with a top coat for a manicure that screams “wedding bells.”

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