Simone Biles Wore Pink Glazed Donut Nails to Her Bachelorette Party

A manicure fit for a champion.

Simone Biles


Although the term "girl boss" has a sort of sarcastic connotation these days, in its purest form, there's no one better to turn to for true girl boss inspo than Simone Biles. She can do it all, from holding seven Olympic gymnastics medals to being the face of skin care brand SK-II. Her latest venture? Getting ready to walk down the aisle with her soon-to-be-husband and NFL athlete, Jonathan Owens. She's currently on her bachelorette trip in Belize with her closest friends, and she's wearing the one of the cutest glazed donut manicures we've ever seen.

There’s no shortage of trip content coming from Biles, but one post, in particular, caught our attention: On March 1, the Olympic gold medalist shared a photo of her tasting menu for the evening, and a few details about her outfit peer through, including her grey and black snakeskin coat and her silver rings. The star of the photo, though, is Biles’s opalescent glazed donut mani. Her nails are shaped into a medium almond length, with a creamy pink base and a reflective glazed top coat. 

glazed donut mani


Biles doesn’t tend to go to extremes with vibrant colors or intricate designs, which is apparent in her recent French, naked glitter, and lip gloss manicures. Yet, much like her aforementioned nails, her bachelorette glazed donut manicure still follows current trends, even though it errs on the “natural” side. Biles is living proof that you don’t have to forgo your love for a nude or light pink manicure to nail the hottest trends: you can make them your own with your mainstay manicure palette. 

The glazed donut manicure has been hot for a minute ever since nail artist Zola Ganzorigt created the manicure for Hailey Bieber’s look at the 2022 Met Gala. If you need a refresher as to how to create the look, you’ll first want to grab a nail polish to act as a base for your manicure (if you’re looking to totally recreate Biles’s mani, you can grab a light pink color—but this technique will work with any sheer nail polish). Apply the nail polish as you normally would, and then wait for the color to dry completely. “Then apply the chrome powder with either your fingers, an eyeshadow brush, or a small powder brush,” Amy Ling Lin, CEO and founder of Sundays salon in New York City, previously told Byrdie. “Then, finish with one more layer of base coat, then top coat.” 

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