Simihaze's New Makeup Collection Is a Celestial Masterpiece

If you're looking to experiment, consider this toolbox.

Simihaze / Instagram

Simihaze / Instagram

I was in middle school when I first heard a quote that would define my beauty philosophy for years to come. "In this industry, there are two kinds of people," a glossy-haired character reality show character explained. "You're either a workhorse or a show pony." She was talking about well-connected fashion interns and their seemingly scrappier counterparts, but the sentiment applies everywhere.

Most relevant here, there are the products with packaging so shiny and pretty you can't look away, only to prove themselves less-than-effective. Compare products of the more-style-than-substance variety to simpler favorites like classic Vaseline. But what about those rare products and lines that seem to do it all? Simihaze Beauty's multifunctional faves more than fit the bill, but a new, curated capsule collection manages to do even more heavy-lifting.

About the Brand

A natural move for our current era of Gen Z-ified, playful, individualized makeup, Simihaze was born from the collective creativity of twin DJ/models, Simi and Haze Khadra. Dubbed "the coolest twins on the internet" (though it's probably more like the world), the pair's cosmetic creations include things like glitter-soaked glosses and Hailey Bieber-approved stick-and-go eyeliner appliques in wild shapes and shades.

The brand's products are shoppable as individuals and as part of thoughtfully-organized capsule collections with various themes (though the products in each collection are sold separately). Capsule N.1 (which includes items that range from $24-$36), for example, was designed to cover the twins' signature day-to-day makeup. It's full of complementary, multiuse stains and sticks. Capsule N.2, comparatively, is geared towards day-to-night transitions with a focus on liners. And finally, the latest collection is an intergalactic trip through gleaming, space-themed products—and it's fantastic.

The Products

One of the best things about Capsule N.3 is how fun it is. The previous two themes are fun, too, of course (that's part of the brand's identity, after all) but N.3 is definitely the one to opt for if it's bold colors, interesting finishes, and attention-grabbing sparkle you're after. Described as "a journey through space", the collection is comprised of gloriously glittery (and hydrating) Lunar Lip Gels ($30), a bold Eyeshadow Quad ($55) that can be used wet and dry, and sets of the rhinestone-studded winged liner appliques that first catapulted the brand into popularity.

The packaging of the makeup products is as tactilely pleasing as it is to look at. The products are wrapped in not-quite-spongy resin cases, fat and round and monochrome. This makes them mess-free in a makeup bag and considerably easier to grip. Plus, it's just nice to roll around in your hand—I've started keeping my favorite gloss on my work desk as a sort of beauty stress ball.

Zooming in on the individual products, they're all a perfect fit for the theme. The capsule collection's online prompts suggest shades Pyro (a warm-toned gold) and/or Orbit (a bright violet-pink), though the wider Simihaze line has two others. Formulated for use on their own or over lipstick, the glitter within the gloss is very reflective and multidimensional thanks to the micro-cut pearls in the formula.

The AM/PM Magnetic Eye Quad, in the Milky Way variation, has a similar depth. Open first opening the blue, rounded compact, you'll notice two bold metallics and two matte shades for muted moments. The cool ocean blue shade, arguably the compact's standout, is flanked by buildable baby pink, deep espresso brown, and silver that, in the pan, belies the beautiful blue-tinged color it actually yields. Finally, the capsule's Eye Play eyeliner stickers come in two suggested variations: the Gem Pack ($38), an arc of rhinestones, and the Glitter Pack ($28), which includes shimmery wings.

My Review

Amanda Ross Writer Selfie

Amanda Ross

If you love to experiment with your looks or plan on making it a 2022 goal, don't hesitate to snap up anything (or everything) from Capsule N.3. Highly pigmented and buildable, the products are the sort that really can be used in so many different ways. The eyeshadows, in particular, surprised me with their nonexistent fallout, despite me practically carving into the pan with my angled liner brush (I have tension, okay! I grip!). You'd think a spangly blue would leave evidence all over my cheeks as it glides on, but nope—not here.

That surprising control is actually found throughout the products. Though I found the shape of the lipstick (called a lip balm within the collection) bullets a bit odd—they're fully rounded, which does make it more difficult to apply straight from the stick without a brush—there was zero migration beyond my lips, even without a lip liner. It blended very well with fingers, too, distributing the pigment evenly despite my lips being a bit dry lately.

By far, my favorite products are the Lunar Lip Gels, made with a 3-D polymer that smooths and clings to lip contours like glamorous SaranWrap. When layered over lipstick, the effect is shocking. That multi-dimensional glitter uses its own color and the reflective nature of glitter to create an almost entirely new product. They're also impossibly moisturizing, feeling far more like an excellent lip oil or balm than a thick, occlusive lipgloss.

The Bottom Line

As someone who's only very recently begun to branch out with makeup (I used bold purple eyeshadow last month and was so proud, I nearly had flyers printed up), I'd say this is an ideal "starter pack" for those in a similar position. Thanks to the fun finishes, it's easy to start small with adjustments to your go-to styles—that's what I did here with that dreamy blue eyeshadow shade, a bit of Matte Blur Lip Balm in Windburn, and Lunar Lip Gel in baby pink shade Aries. As an Aries myself, I couldn't be happier.

All in all, the newest SIMIHAZE offering is everything you'd expect from Simi and Haze themselves: at once trendy and effortless. But really, there was no alternative for the coolest collection from the coolest twins on the internet—scratch that, the galaxy.

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