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The Future of Beauty Is All About "Minimal Optimal," According to Simi and Haze

Simi and Haze Khadra are launching their namesake beauty brand today.

Simi and Haze Khadra are quintessential cool girls. The identical twins have been intimately embedded in the music and fashion scene since they were 14 years-old. Their Instagram feed boasts nearly 2000 photos that capture their worldly lives—including moments like DJing at festivals, jet-setting between London and Los Angeles, and hanging out with their high-profile inner circle. The Khadra sisters are known for their work on-screen, but they've been working behind the scenes in a new industry for two years.

The duo has been actively teasing their latest venture—a beauty brand fittingly called SimiHaze Beauty—on Instagram. Simi and Haze's ascension to brand founders is natural, given their penchant for bold makeup (like eyeliners and eyeshadows). In June, they released innovative eyeliner stickers that quickly became a hit and were worn by everyone from Hailey Bieber to Blackpink's Rosè.

While they've remained tight-lipped about sharing more details of their new cosmetics company, the brand is finally making its official debut today. Now, the duo is ready to talk about it all.

Simi and Haze's love affair with makeup began to flourish in their late teens. "We were late bloomers in the beauty game," Haze says. "We never really wore much makeup until we turned 18-years-old, but once we started, we went full force from there." The sisters say makeup became an exciting world of discovery for them. 

SimiHaze Beauty

SimiHaze Beauty/Design by Tiana Crispino

Experimenting with beauty helped the sisters develop their current alluring aesthetic while helping them understand their respective product preferences. Their vantage point as avid beauty consumers has also allowed them to see the glaring white spaces in the beauty industry, which paved the way for SimiHaze Beauty's existence. "We were inspired to start our line when we realized something was missing in products," Simi says. "There were matte lipsticks that were too drying and cheek tints that weren't reliable. We wanted to create makeup that was high quality, reliable, and easy to use."

At its core, SimiHaze Beauty exists to make beauty a "minimal optimal" experience. "That means achieving the maximum amount of output with a minimum amount of effort," Haze explains. "We want to allow people to maximize their time and experience in life versus spending time putting on makeup. We're trying to make people's lives easier by giving them more functional products." The brand is launching three versatile products in Capsule1: The Velvet Blur Matte Lip Balm ($36), Sun Flush All Over Tint ($35), and Lip Trace Shape Liner ($24). All three are items Simi and Haze can't leave the house without.

Design by Tiana Crispino/SimiHaze Beauty

Design by Tiana Crispino/SimiHaze Beauty

Available in 12 shades, the Velvet Blur Matte Lip Balm delivers high-intensity pigment in one stroke while packing in moisture. The product was born out of their qualms with lipsticks they've tried over the years. "We felt it was important to launch with lipstick because we would pat them on our lips to give them a bitten-lip look," Haze says. "There was no lipstick that we felt gave us the color we wanted with just one swipe." The Lip Balm pairs perfectly with the Lip Trace Shape Liner, which is infused with jojoba oil to plump and define without feathering.

The brand's Sun Flush All Over Tint rounds out the collection. The cushiony tinted serum can be applied everywhere—from your eyes to lips—and has a demi-matte finish. "Sun Flush is the best blush for the face," Simi says. "I also use it all the time as an eyeshadow since it's super versatile." 

Developing SimiHaze Beauty has been a labor of love for the pair and another display of their synergy as twins. "Everything is authentic to us," Simi says. "We complement each other in all of our ideas. I feel like that's one of the perks of being twins—having the same vision." 

SimiHaze Beauty/Design by Tiana Crispino

SimiHaze Beauty/Design by Tiana Crispino

Though the first collection just made its debut, the two are already planning future launches. "We have so many things coming," Haze says. "There's an endless amount of innovation that I want to put out immediately." Haze teased a concealer she's been testing that will, hopefully, enter our makeup bags soon. "I've been living with this one concealer we created in the lab. After working on it, I was like, Oh my god, we've actually created the perfect formula," she says. "I want to share it with the world ASAP, but there are logistics and calendars."

Simi and Haze have big plans for their namesake beauty line, and all signs point to them making an indelible mark as a mold-breaking brand. Still, right now, both of them are most relishing the fact that the world will finally be able to experience their products. "I want people to feel proud of the products," Simi says. "When they're holding them, I hope they want to show them off, put them on their counter, and make sure they are in their bag. I want everyone to feel special and luxurious."

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