30 Ways to Wear the Silver Balayage Hair Color Trend

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While it may sound slightly intimidating, silver balayage is actually a standard hue and technique subtly used in blonde hairstyles all the time to add extra dimension and light. (So subtle, in fact, that you probably never even noticed.) It can be bold or daring, too—more on those examples later.

Most importantly, silver balayage works on all hair types—the balayage color technique, in fact, has always been popular for curly, coily, sleek hair and beyond, because the dark-to-light effect is easy to wear and maintain.

Below, find 30 silver balayage hairstyles that are as good as gold.

Silver Balayage Hair

CHOOSING A SHADE: To get the ashy-silver look, a dark-hair base is perfect, so you might have to dye your hair darker to start. For an icier final product, light hair is preferred here, which might involve bleaching beforehand.

MAINTENANCE LEVEL: Silver hair can fade fast, so monthly touch-ups (or, alternatively, every six weeks) are usually ideal. And it's always a good idea to use color-safe shampoo and conditioner.

GOES GREAT WITH: Light-pink lipstick and flushed cheeks


PRICE: Depending on where you get this done, you can expect to pay around $150–$300 for balayage, and potentially more if bleaching or dyeing beforehand are necessary.

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Smoked Out

Natural brunette? Keep your traditional brown for your roots, while "smoking out" your cascading ends (in traditional balayage fashion) for a super-cool, silvery masterpiece.

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Steel the Deal

If you're set on a hue that might be difficult to achieve—in this case, the client had been dyeing her locks black for years—hair extensions can be your very best friend. Here, the silvery-steel colored wefts blend in perfectly.

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Ice, Ice, Baby

Make a statement with striking allover silver—and a balayage that gets icier and lighter towards your ends.

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Blended Brown

You don't have to dive right in to something daring. Keep things subtle, like with this mushroom brown blended with silver balayage.

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Stormy Blonde

Ready for an update that won't affect your haircare routine too drastically? Take your usual blonde to the next level with simple silvery highlights combined with multifaceted lowlights.

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Cool All Over

Keep things cool all over. This style combines a warm base color with icy silver babylights throughout for a look that's balanced, bold, and unexpected.

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Silver Babylights

A blonde hue combined with silver babylights makes for a multifaceted, not-quite-platinum color we just can't put our finger on. And we're obsessed.

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Tousled Layers

Planning to make the chop? We have a soft spot for tousled, layered short styles to begin with—especially when there's silver involved. This look is all the inspiration we need to ask for a balayage bob next time we're at the salon.

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Super Subtle

Super-subtle silver highlights are understated enough for even the most change-averse brunettes.

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Mixed Blend

A mixed blend of natural-looking highlights and subtle silver ones creates a multifaceted, flattering color on just about any one.

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Blue Steel

If you want to go all out—go big or go home, as they say—may we suggest a silvery ombré situation with different hints of blue on the mid-shaft? The striking color of the roots complements the icy vibes perfectly, too.

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Icy Blonde

Ashy blonde combined with hints of icy silver creates a striking effect on these voluminous curls.

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Dark to Light

Turn all the heads with a contrasting silver ombré—the dark-to-light effect is striking and gorgeous. (Especially with those tousled, touchable layers.)

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Blonde Beauty

Take a platinum—or otherwise blonde—'do up a notch with silver balayage ends, and dark, smudged roots for extra contrast and edge.

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Subtle Strands

A barely noticeable balayage with faint silver strands is a subtle, effortless way to switch things up. (Get ready for lots of, "Something's different about your hair, but I can't quite place it.")

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Ashy Brown

Meet a silver balayage that you can't even tell is silver. This ashy brown only has hints of silver ends—which makes for a wearable, practical final results that still feels fresh.

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Silver Blonde

This soft 'do was done in just one sitting—on hair that had never been dyed before—and the combination of silver-blonde balayage and face-framing layers is giving us major hair envy.

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Short & Sweet

Keep things short and sweet with a soft long bob with chic, silver-hued layers.

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Blunt Ends

The only thing more striking than this color is the ultra-blunt ends. (How satisfying is this?) Proof that a super-blunt cut will make a cool shade shine even more.

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Subtle Silver

Lighten an ashy blonde mix up with just a subtle hint of silver for a soft final look with tons of depth.

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Extra Smoky

Rather than jarring, this soft, smoky shade is totally practical—and it's the perfect example of an ashy silver balayage coming to life in a wearable way.

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Dark Ash

Give a dark, ashy-blonde some extra depth with a subtle hint of silver balayage on the ends.

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Teased & Tousled

With face-framing bangs and chic, layered ends, this silver-balayage situation is definitely compelling us to make the cut. How cool and effortless is her new teased 'do?

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Melted Metallics

Of course, silver isn't the only metallic shade you can wear on your hair. This melted look combines shades of quartz and amethyst, too, for an eye-catching, gemstone-inspired final product.

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Cool Curls

Feeling a little intimidated? It's okay to ease into it. Rather than painting every strand silver, go for the strategically placed highlight route instead, and get an equally edgy look (with less commitment), like this gorgeous curly style.

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Gorgeous Blend

Natural brunettes, this trend was made for you. A silver balayage blended perfectly into your natural hues will make for a low-maintenance look you'll be happy to occasionally touch up (or just let grow out).

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Pastel Smoke

You probably know about our lavender and pastel-hued hair obsession by now, and this is no different. A blunt bob with a plethora of pastel hues combined with hints of silver highlights is giving us major unicorn-hair vibes.

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Face-Framing Highlights

Make your new metallic hue pop with face-framing highlights that cascade into a silvery-blonde hue on your shafts and ends. The contrast between the natural roots and the front highlights just makes 'em stand out even more.

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Natural Roots

Smudged roots, blonde shafts, and silvery ends? Sign us up any day of the week. The perfect beach waves are just the cherry on top (which you can replicate with our best tips here).

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Blonde Mix

The perfect way to take a dyed blonde 'do up a notch? Say "hello" to subtle hints of silver.

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