Meet the Weird Beautyblender Alternative That Reddit Can't Stop Talking About

A second-skin finish is the holy grail of foundation application: You want an airbrushed-looking complexion with the luminosity of an Instagram filter, but you also want to look you were genetically blessed with such perfect, poreless skin. And while there's certainly some debate about the superiority of using brushes, beauty sponges, or your fingers to achieve this ideal finish, most makeup artists (and editors) will agree: The Beautyblender ($20) is unrivaled when it comes to finding foundation nirvana. Still, leave it to the ridiculously savvy beauty fans on Reddit to track down a possible competitor from across the globe—and an undeniably quirky one, at that.

Meet the SiliSponge, an odd-looking makeup applicator out of Hong Kong that promises to step up your foundation game. (Spoiler: It's already sold out everywhere.)