This Is Why a Silicon Valley CEO Changed Her Appearance for Work


BBC News

There's no doubt that being a woman in a male-dominated workplace is difficult. Not only might you have to fight for equal pay, but you also might have to fight for respect, authority, and leadership opportunities. Essentially, you have to work extra hard to ensure that others won't write you off based on false and misguided gender stereotypes. 

According to BBC News, one woman named Eileen Carey knows this all too well. Carey is the CEO of a start-up called Glassbreakers, which is a company that creates software to help other companies hire and empower a diverse workforce. She has glasses and brown hair and wears baggy, androgynous clothing. But not by preference. Over the years, she has made a conscious decision to cater her appearance to her work, for the simple reason that woman aren't taken as seriously as they should be in professional environments. Keep reading to hear what she has to say about women, appearance, and work. 

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