10 Fixes for a Bad Hair Day—All in the Form of Side Braids

Fact: We'd bet our beauty-loving lives that braids will never ever go out of style. They can be dramatic, edgy, romantic, casual, complicated, effortless… Essentially, they're the perfect hairstyle. (Not to mention a girl's best friend when we've accidentally forgone a much-needed shampoo or color touch-up.) Oh, and don't even get us started on how many times they've saved us on even the most disastrously bleak bad hair days—especially this time of year when bone-dry temps lead to static, dryness, and overall frustration. Ugh

Simultaneously, of course, our calendars are bursting with events and festivities this time of year that beckon good, if not fantastic, hair days—a conundrum that has us desperate and in frantic search of the easy yet stunning looks that can carry us through the holiday season and beyond unscathed. Our favorite solution? Side-braided hairstyles that we can easily manipulate depending on our mood and the event in question. So without further ado, we've rounded up 10 epic side-braid hairstyles, as demonstrated by some of our favorite strand-blessed celebrities, that we're looking to copy ASAP this season. Keep scrolling for our favorite unexpected takes.