The New Highlighting Trick You Have to See to Believe



Just when we've finally mastered the art of strobing, a new highlighting trend has popped up on social media—and it has nothing to do with your face. The latest Insta-famous makeup technique beauty mavens are embracing is shoulder highlighting, and you're about to see a lot more of it on your feed.

The method involves dusting shoulder blades with a cream or liquid highlighter to give the illusion of glowy skin that goes beyond glowy cheekbones. Makeup guru Jaclyn Hill seems to have kick-started the movement when she captioned an Instagram post, "Drenched in Champagne Pop." The accompanying photo appears to show Hill in perfect lighting, but it's her glowy shoulders and cheekbones that are creating the effect. Shoulder highlighting is definitely taking makeup to the next level, and something like the liquid Becca x Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector ($41) would get the job done seamlessly.

Check out some of the best shoulder highlights on social media right now for a little inspiration.

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