Overheard: 5 Beauty Editors Get Real About Fillers and Botox



The beauty industry is filled with women who know how to take care of themselves—from skincare and makeup to exercise and wellness. Call it an occupational hazard. Up until relatively recently, though, I assumed each editor's lineless face was a mix of active ingredients and light-as-a-feather foundation.


While it is a fact that this industry comprises women who are stunning, poreless, and brilliant on a deadline, more and more are taking advantage of injectables. And it's not just beauty editors. A recent report from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery states that Americans were injected 6.6 million times last year, which is almost 40% more than five years ago. It's so ubiquitous, in fact, that I was just invited to a female entrepreneurship panel in which fillers were offered with cocktails following the talk.

So why is there still judgment and taboo associated with these non-invasive procedures? Why do we, as smart, capable, consenting women, feel more comfortable talking about this topic in hushed tones? Answering those questions is, of course, a tall order. There's media pressure, ageism, misogyny—the works. There's also Facetune, Instagram, and that Golden Goddess Snapchat filter. But there's another question to contend with as well. If Botox and fillers are going to make you feel good, why not go for it? I say, do you.

While I haven't gotten anything done (yet), I'd be remiss to say I don't think about it. I've always had deep forehead lines, and lately new ones have cropped up around my eyes and mouth. I have an expressive face! Still, much of my apprehension (other than my deep-seated fear of needles) stems from judgment. I just never imagined I'd do anything to my face. I even went to a consultation with a plastic surgeon and posed my questions as research—you know, in the name of journalism. The truth? I wanted to know what, exactly, he would recommend. The more women I talk to about what they've had done, the more I can't help but think, Who cares? Again, do you.

I asked a few editors in the industry (some who have taken the plunge and others who haven't) to explain their thoughts about the whole thing. Their answers are long, thoughtful, and full of helpful advice. Keep reading for all their wisdom.