5 Things I Wish I'd Known Before I Got Botox



I've thought long and hard about if and, more likely, as a beauty editor, when I'd feel it necessary to get Botox. I've always had zero judgment about those that do—at this point, it's more prevalent to make use of injectables than to abstain. Still, I fancy myself quite natural when it comes to my beauty aesthetic, and wrapping my head around being less so was, at times, complicated. But I'm also of the mindset that if there's a way to feel and look better (and you have the means to do so)—why not? So you can imagine the back and forth conversations I've had with myself about this very topic. Couple those thoughts with the fact that my job allows for gratis and heavily discounted treatments, and you can see my conundrum.

I've talked about this issue before: Why do we, as smart, capable, consenting women, feel more comfortable talking about this topic in hushed tones? Answering those questions is, of course, a tall order. There's media pressure, ageism, misogyny—the works. There's also Facetune, Instagram, and HD cameras. But there's another question to contend with as well. If Botox is going to make you feel good, why not go for it? I say do you. I've gone to consultations, made appointments only to break them, and had, for a while, decided maybe it just wasn't for me (I'm hopelessly squeamish when it comes to needles). That is until I sat down for what was meant to be a 10-minute-long meeting with L.A.-based injection specialist Lisa Goodman. In those few moments, we connected about how I felt, what areas on my face bother me, and how she chooses to treat her patients.

"I came up in L.A.," she told me, "working under all those well-known, famous doctors. I thought when I traveled to Paris to assist there, I'd know everything." Not the case, she found out once she arrived. "They have a different way of doing things, They don't 'chase wrinkles' like we do here in the states," Goodman explains. "They think long-term—how will this help in five to 10 years? It's not about a quick fix. That's why everyone in France looks so good and things here can go a bit overboard. It's about your genetics and your bones. It's science." To be frank, she had me at "Paris."

When it comes down to it, you have to be comfortable and confident and know exactly why you're making the choice to get Botox. Is it purely about aesthetics? Is there something deeper going on? Make sure to ask yourself these questions and discuss them with your provider. It's all about research and education. Below, I discuss a few things to know before the syringe comes out.