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25 Stunning Examples of Ombré Color for Short Hair

Cara Delevigne hair

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People are apt to associate ombré hair color with long locks. They tend to think of what we like to call "mermaid hair," the kind that falls as far down as the lower back, with beachy volume and texture. Short hair, however, is rarely called to mind. That, our friends, is a mistake seeing as ombré hair works on almost any length, including lobs, bobs, and any other short haircut. No matter the length of your hair, darker roots and lighter ends result in that sun-kissed, gradient effect we all know and love. Yes, we're officially putting it out there: Short ombré hair indeed exists.

We realize that like most things in life, we can't just make a claim without providing any proof. In other words, we don't expect you to simply take our word for it. That's why we curated a list of our favorite short ombré looks from celebrities, Instagram, and expert hairstylists. Keep scrolling to see 25 photos that demonstrate the shorter side of ombré.

Celeb colorist and stylist Stephen Garrison posted this photo, which shows how well a subtle blonde ombré works with a chin-length cut. 

What starts out as a deep chestnut color at the roots slowly brightens up to an ashy blonde at the ends. The color progression is soft and subtle, even though her hair is only shoulder length.

We love the piecey textured ends on this lob that Garrison posted. Try using a texture spray like Ouai Dry Texture Foam ($28). 

Sure, this haircut is verging on mid-length rather than short. However, the honey-blonde ombré is too good to miss. 

Short ombré hair doesn't have to be beachy and textured. It can also be sleek and straight, like this chin-length bob.

The combination of brunette and blonde hair, which has been coined "bronde," was all the rage this past year, and it's a hair color trend that's not going away anytime soon. 

How about a cool silver-blonde ombré hair color for winter? It's fresh and icy, just like the season itself.

On the other end of the hair color spectrum is this incredibly warm, golden-blonde color. Everything from the seamless ombré color to the glamorous vintage-inspired waves is on point.

Lucy Hale, who is best known for her raven-colored locks, has been blonde for a minute now. We like how her dark roots match her bold brows.

Vanessa Hudgens
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Vanessa Hudgens's bold ombré lob blends three separate hair colors: dark chestnut roots, warm honey-brown mid-lengths, and golden-blonde ends. 

Short Curly Hair
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Even though Beyoncé is known for her long, flowing hair as of late, she dabbled in short ombré hair too. We love how her chin-length bob looks with a center part and defined curls.

Side-Parted Hair
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Ciara's chin-length bob is all about one thing and one thing only: texture. Try replicating the piecey definition of her hair by spritzing Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray ($28) from the mid-lengths to the ends. 

Cara Delevingne
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Remember when Cara Delevingne chopped off her hair and the world collectively gasped in awe? This side-parted pixie cut should show you why. It's glorious. 

Short Hair
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Here is Delevingne more recently. As you can see, her short and sleek pixie cut has grown out into a feathered chin-length bob. Everything from her blonde ombré to her soft and windswept texture is simply lovely. She looks like a modern-day Twiggy.

Jourdan Dunn
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Delevingne's friend and colleague Jourdan Dunn wore her ombré hair in a super-sleek shoulder-length style. Thanks to this, we'll be stocking up on Ouidad Shine Glaze Serum ($20). 

Sarah Hyland
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One of our favorite hair looks by Sarah Hyland is this one, in which she wore her seamless ombré strands tied up in a soft half-up, half-down hairstyle.

Miley Cyrus
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Miley Cyrus wears her dark-to-light 'do slicked back in cool androgynous style. Shout out the pink glitter paste she has placed above her ear.

Jamie Chung
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Here's another ombré look that verges on medium-length hair instead of short. However, it's worth including to show how even people who start with a dark base can paint their ends blonde. All it takes is an expert colorist who can blend the two shades seamlessly. 

Tamera Mowry knows the power of a sleek ombré bob. Hers is a cool-toned combination of dark brown and ash blonde.

Chrissy Teigen
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Chrissy Teigen's blunt and textured bob is like something out of our wildest dreams. We love the razor-cut ends and the two face-framing blonde pieces at the front of her hair.

Short Hair
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Julianne Hough's pixie cut is parted so far to one side, you can only see her dark roots if you look closely. It's proof that, yes, ombré hair color can work on super-short strands.

Rashida Jones
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Rashida Jones paired her famous bangs with sleek, shoulder-length strands at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party. Her bangs are dark, which emboldens the look of her hair's ombré color transition.

Red Hair
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Remember when Emma Stone had these blunt bangs for a hot minute? They're great, but we can't stop staring at her red ombré color. It starts off a dark auburn before seamlessly transitioning to bright strawberry blonde.

Make no mistake: Ombré looks amazing on natural hair. The bright ends make the curl pattern pop against a darker base. 

This is how a French girl does short ombré hair. Jeanne Damas nails that effortless yet put-together vibe that French women are known for. 

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