50 Short Layered Haircuts For Every Hair Type, Color, and Texture

short layered haircut


You might be married to your long, years-old hairstyle without even realizing it. (I was a long-hair-only girl too, once.) Maybe you see your friends—and favorite celebs—getting gorgeous, piecey bobs, but you always convince yourself you wouldn't be able to pull it off. Been there.

Well, you officially have no more excuses: These 50 short, layered styles work for everyone—no matter your hair type, face shape, and beyond. It's because layers are the ultimate versatile cutting technique—they beef up a style for those with thin hair, add body to straight pieces, and even up the depth and volume for natural curls.

"Layers are great for adding softness and movement, while showcasing texture," says Adrianne Johnson, Stylist at Maxine Salon in Chicago. "They can eliminate bulk for thick hair, create fullness for thin hair, and can add an edge or balance, depending on your desired look."

Below, find 50 short, layered haircuts that'll finally inspire you to make the chop this time once and for all.

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Curly Shag

curly shag


Model Alanna Arrington already has covetable curls to work with, and she keeps the curl pattern bouncy and gorgeous by cutting layers into her shag with strategically snipped bangs.

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Layered Lob

layered lob


Tons of professional hairstylists—including Anh Co Tran—make bobs and lobs their signature "cut," brilliantly working with a hair's natural texture and using the layered pieces to add dimension and movement.

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Tightly Coiled

tightly coiled


Though layers can typically help add heft and texture to thin hairstyles, they're just as gorgeous on tightly coiled curls. These ones add shape to the style (and tons of versatility). "Curly hair can vary throughout the head, so observe the consistency of the curls to determine what layering is best," Johnson says.

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Color Play

color play


Layers are a great way to highlight (no pun intended) a dimensional dye job. If you have highlights or lowlights, the movement and texture created by the layers will allow the deviations in your color to look even cooler.

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Full Volume

full volume


Remember what we said about layers creating volume? This is a perfect example of braided layers and how they can pump up your look for ultimate fullness, depending on your texture.

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Layered Shag

layered shag


The '60s-inspired shag is without a doubt one of the coolest hairstyles right now (and always, IMHO). The only way to get it? Lots of layers. "You need enough hair and density to pull off a layered shag," says Johnson. "The more movement and piecey parts, the better, without looking stringy."

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Add Some Bangs

add some bangs


Take a cue from Natalia Dyer and add some bangs to your vintage-inspired shag haircut for extra sex-kitten oomph. But be honest with yourself, says Johnson. "If you like to pull your hair up or back, this might not be for you," she says. "But if you like having your hair down and tousled and experimenting with products, this could be your next signature look."

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Layers in the Front

layers in the front


For a shorter curly crop, layers in the front add face-framing volume around your face—and add a touch of lightness to the back.

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Amazing Fullness

amazing fullness


For super-full styles, layers are crucial. Here, Susan Oludele (who routinely styles Solange, by the way) created this awe-inspiring layered crochet wig.

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Curly Bangs

curly bangs


This naturally curly shag is made even more gorgeous by the variation in color. There's dimension, movement, and it makes us want to curl our hair and chop it off immediately.

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chin length bob


For a chin-length style, layers are particularly helpful. They add an interesting, natural-looking vibe to a cut that might be more difficult to style than long hair. 

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All the Dimension

all the dimension


Lucy Hale (Hollywood's resident hair chameleon) has gone bronde and layered—and we're obsessed.

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Slightly Off-Centered

off center


Depending on your hair texture, a wispy bob can be the most low-maintenance cut you can get. Look at the layered gorgeousness here, with the hair parted just slightly off-center.

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Moon Bangs

moon bangs


Add some flair to a layered shag with edgy bangs—we love the quirky and chic moon-shaped ones here, but be aware of the maintenance involved. "Some shorter shag cuts can be high-maintenance, bringing you to the salon every 4–6 weeks," says Johnson. "But the right shag gives you more flexibility, maybe 6–10 weeks." Johnson confirms, however, that if you care for your hair in-between salon visits, you'll be in great shape either way.

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Loosen Up

loosen up


If you have naturally curly hair but your curl pattern is a bit looser, layers add even more volume and a stunning lift. "Having thick or curly hair requires shaping and sometimes that's with the assistance of layers," says Johnson. "If you have curly hair, this can give strands a chance to bounce around and have some variation."

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Dramatic Side Bangs

dramatic side bangs


Of course, the brunette hair color is stunning—but can we talk about the cut? The dramatic bangs make the short style totally sultry and sexy.

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Shoulder-Length Coils

Chopping ultra-curly hair into a short, shoulder-length 'do is always a good idea. You can remove any excess that's weighing down your hair which will result in major volume.

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Paired With Balayage



Take your balayage or highlights up a notch and give your color the spotlight by getting a piecey, layered style like this one. (Just look at all that dimension.)

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Up-Top Volume

up top volume


Gorgeous makeup and cute bangs aside, we're obsessed with the barely-there layers on top here that add extra volume.

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Extra Fringe

A good layered cut can change the entire shape of your hair. Note how this look is complemented by an adorable face-framing fringe.

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Smudged Roots

smudged root


Play with color while your playing with length, too—the honey-hued highlights combined with the smudged dark roots create major texture, volume, and dimension. (And a good sea salt spray should help you achieve a similar texture.)

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Side Flip

side part bob


Leave it to Ashley Benson to show us how a layered side-parted bob is done, with dramatically sideswept, wispy pieces of varying lengths.

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Textured Curls

textured curls


If your natural hair is kinky and textured, embrace the vibe with a short, layered haircut you can style easily every time. Just remember to use hydrating masks masks to keep that texture on-point. "Keeping the hair hydrated is always a must for textured hair," Johnson says.

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Soft Waves

soft waves


Barbara Palvin can do no wrong—but we especially love these soft, touchable waves with volume-maximizing layers throughout.

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Soft, Blunt Ends

soft ends


Easily the best part about a haircut is how healthy and soft your hair feels afterward. We love blunt ends that look perpetually soft and touchable like these ones. (Inspired to make the chop yet?)

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Blown-Out Bob

blown-out bob


If you're into the blowout look, luxe layers will definitely help you achieve max volume and drama. (How gorgeous is this color, too?)

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Sister-Locks Bob

There's nothing more gorgeous than locs at any length, and this side-parted, sister-locks bob is pure perfection. The shoulder-length chop maximizes the bouncy fullness of the style, too.

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Voluminous Curls

voluminous curls


Keep it short on the sides and longer on your crown for all the volume on top.

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Wispy Ends

wispy ends


Going for a shoulder-length chop? Ask for layered, wispy ends—the blonde hue takes the look to the next level.

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Loose & Luscious

loose & luscious


Keep your ringlets bouncy and fresh (and give them some extra height) with a layered 'do like Jasmine Sanders' style.

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Shaggy Bob

shaggy bob


It's no secret we're obsessed with both bobs and shag haircuts—and when you combine 'em (and add some bangs)? Yes, please. But remember to do your research if you're getting a major chop like this. "Be aware that shorter bangs require maintenance and attention, and they're on your face everyday," says Johnson. "You want them to frame your face and showcase your features."

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Textural Healing

textural healing


If you're rocking your natural texture on a day-to-day basis, choppy layers like this (and cute hair accessories!) should make styling a breeze.

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Pop of Color

pop of color


This pastel root fade is major—but we can't take our eyes off the sultry volume achieved here by adding layers. "Removing hair to create layers creates less density, so finding the appropriate balance for your hair type is important," Johnson says. "Sometimes it's more about styling to create fullness." (And you can rock the extra-full look even after you leave the salon chair by picking a great hairspray.)

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Wispy Bangs

wispy bangs


The strawberry hue is the star here—and yes, we fully support experimenting with color when you make the chop—but we also appreciate the flawless styling execution. The wispy bangs and face-framing pieces are on-point.

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Super-Subtle Layers

subtle layers


The best layers blend in and aren't immediately noticeable. (We call it the no-layers layers look.) We love how subtly they're done here on this sleek, chin-grazing bob.

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Touchable Tresses

touchable tresses


Proof that you can't go wrong with tousled, touchable beach waves at any length.

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Smooth & Shoulder-Length

smooth and shoulder length


Naturally straight hair? Yes, layers will work wonders for you too. (The key is to ask for long layers in front.) Just check out this sleek, layered shoulder-length look for proof.

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Classic Beach Waves

classic beach waves


You can't go wrong with beach waves (ever). But we have to admit there's something totally endearing about a middle-parted shoulder-length version (with sun-kissed ends, for a real surfer-girl touch).

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Soft Undercut

soft undercut


An undercut is when a stylist either cuts or shaves the sides or back of your hair, and it can be worn either exposed or unexposed (and the look is totally wearable, depending on the approach). "Typically the hair on the sides and bottom are shorter in contrast to the hair on top," says Johnson. "By doing this, the hair on top can collapse a bit and looks more relaxed and casual in the best, effortless way."

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Jaw-Grazing Layers

jaw grazing layers


Face-framing layers that just barely graze the jawline are a great way to add dimension to a shorter style.

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Tousled & Textured

tousled and textured


A textured bob is perfect for those with naturally thick hair. The layers here add structure and volume that makes it manageable.

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Rough Around the Edges

rough around the edges


When you have naturally thin or fine hair and want to pump it up a little bit, you usually have to get creative. We're obsessed with the piecey bits that give it a rough-around-the-edges, "built-in-movement" vibe. (Find our best tips for thin hair here.)

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Straight-Hair Bob

straight hair bob


Short, layered haircuts work for straight hair too—just ask for lots of piecey layers to help pump up the texture and give you some volume. (Bonus points: Layers are your friend when you're trying to grow out your hair, so if you're not fully committed to a tapered pixie cut, you can easily transition it into a bob from here.)

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Short & Sleek

short & sleek


Leave it to Kaia Gerber to inspire us to cut all of our hair off. If you have naturally fine hair, a sleek, piecey bob with a few well-placed layers like this is the perfect way to spice things up and add some oomph.

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Tousled Bangs

tousled bangs


Maya Hawke's wavy bob is made all the chicer paired with wispy bangs and face-framing pieces—an instantly chic cut you can copy if you're more into towel-drying than blow-drying, and have a similar relaxed hair texture.

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Piecey Perfection

piecey perfection


Olivia Culpo demonstrates how piecey layers can look with this sleek wet-look 'do.

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Vintage Vibes

vintage vibes


Like we said, the key to a good shag is lots of layers. The tapered ends, bangs and extra volume on top gives it a gorgeous hair shape. (And don't even get us start on that ravishing color.)

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Blunt Bangs

blunt bangs


No, you're not the only one getting Taylor Swift vibes here! A chic layered bob combined with straight-across bangs is forever a cool-girl (or pop star) look in our hearts.

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Blunt Bob

blunt bob


This is another look that utilized an undercut in the back to remove bulk (and you'd never be able to tell). For blunt little bobs like this, texturizing products are everything.

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Bouncy Volume

These bouncy curls look gorgeous from any angle.

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