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4 Short and Stylish Textured Haircuts for Men

It's all about body, shape, and movement

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A short textured haircut is stylish for all types of hair. For thick hair, it tones down volume and adds shape. For thinning or fine hair, it helps create body and movement, giving the appearance of a fuller head of hair. You can't go wrong with a cropped cut, but shorter hair doesn't have to mean skimping on style.

If you're not looking for a big change, that's okay. We've got everything from crew cuts to styling curls below. Despite popular belief, there's a lot you can do in terms of men's haircuts, from subtle changes to growing out sections, and the results can really shake things up. Need some inspiration before your next salon or barbershop appointment? Keep scrolling for some much-needed inspiration for textured men's cuts, plus how to style them quickly and easily. 

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Quiff Haircut

Zachary Quinto Quiff Haircut

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This haircut should be tapered with clippers at the nape and on the sides. The top is left longer, and with layers and texturing throughout.

Use a blow-dryer to achieve volume on top, working the hair toward the back with a brush. Either a boar bristle brush or a ball-tipped vented brush works best.

Work a quarter-sized amount of mousse through damp hair. Using the brush, blow-dry the hair with upward movements, working away from your bangs. Once hair is dry, and ample volume has been achieved, work some medium-hold pomade through your hair. You may need a spritz of light-hold hairspray if the weather is particularly humid outside.

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A Little Longer on Top

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This chic haircut works best on medium-textured hair with natural body. You'll need a tapered clipper cut at the nape and sideburns. The top is left long and layered, and blended into the sides.

Maintaining this cut does require some styling skill. Wash hair with a volumizing shampoo to start with a strong foundation. Dispense an egg-sized amount of volume-boosting mousse into your hands, and work it through damp hair. Part the hair where it naturally wants to split. Using a blow dryer and brush (a Denman styling brush or a boar bristle paddle brush is best), work the hair up and slightly off to the side. Once the shape has been created, finish off with a quick-drying, medium-hold hairspray.

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Short Curls

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Instead of working against naturally curly hair, have your stylist or barber cut your hair into a shape that works with your curl and the shape of your head. This style is tighter at the temples and nape, while fuller on top and in the crown area. The right amount of layering makes the curls spring like a dream.

Humidity is your enemy when you have curly hair, so you want to contain the frizz to keep your curls nice and wavy. It's best to let your hair air-dry, or you can use a diffuser on the end of the blow-dryer. Finish with a grooming cream that's designed for curly hair.

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Crew Cut

Tyson Beckford Crew Cut

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The crew cut is classic and low-maintenance, but with a little effort, you can make it look stylish. Use a boar bristle brush to distribute your hair's natural sheen, as this look can otherwise seem dry if you just wash and go. Take just a few moments to run a light-hold pomade through your hair to add shine. Done and done.

In between haircuts, use a personal trimmer to square off sideburns and the nape. This saves you time and money.

Dimensional Hair

Short men's haircuts don't have to be boring at all. A little texture goes a long way.

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