Short Hairstyles for Black Hair

Actress Nia Long with short hair
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Short Hairstyles for Black Hair: Nia Long's Fantastic Fringe

Nia Long with short hairstyle
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Long hair isn't everyone's dream, believe it or not. Some women are more than satisfied sporting a fierce short 'do, especially when it flatters them so well, as these styles demonstrate. When choosing to go short, you'll be much happier with your overall look if you select a cut that complements your face shape, and works with your hair's texture and thickness. Consider this a good time to consult with a qualified professional who's well-versed in creating great cuts.

Nia Long's look takes advantage of longer bang lengths, which can be brushed forward or back.

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Jill Scott: Very Edgy

Jill Scott with short hairstyle
Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

Short haircuts can be conservative or they can be a little bit edgy, like Jill Scott's look here. Lengths are styled very straight with no bumping to be seen, just the style for women who prefer some drama in their locks.

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Halle Berry Look #1

Halle Berry with short hairstyle
FilmMagic / Getty Images

Halle Berry has worn a multitude of short hairstyles over the years -- so much so that women go into the salon asking for that "Halle Berry cut." In recent years, her short 'dos have evolved into slightly shorter lengths than she wore at the beginning of her career, but they're no less stylish. This chic cut demonstrates how to achieve textural interest with just inches of hair at the crown.

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Halle Berry Look #2

Halle Berry with short hairstyle
FilmMagic / Getty Images

Create different styles from one basic cut. Here, Halle Berry combs front lengths up and away from her forehead, while also piecing out top lengths in a seemingly random way. It's perfectly "done" while looking like she didn't try too hard.

More Hot Halle Hair:

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Kelly Rowland: Subtle Hints of Color

Kelly Rowland with short hairstyle
WireImage / Getty Images

This soft look on Kelly Rowland features long bangs with peeks of color throughout. If you want to take baby steps toward a short style, keep bangs longer until you're more comfortable with the length.

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Malinda Williams' Perfect Pixie

Malinda Williams with short hairstyle
WireImage / Getty Images

Pixie cuts can be surprisingly flattering to a range of face shapes, including round and square faces alike. Malinda Williams has more of an oval shape, so she can wear just about any hairstyle and look great in it. This head-hugging pixie is not only adorable, it's low-maintenance.

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Janet Jackson's Tapered 'Do

Janet Jackson with short hairstyle
Chris Jackson / Getty Images

A great look for rounder face shapes, this high-on-top, short-on-the-sides style flatters Janet Jackson immensely. Brush hair away from the face, as shown here, or comb it to one side. If your face is round, a side part is more complementary than a middle one.

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Eva Pigford's Platinum Crop

Eva Pigford with short, blonde hairstyle
FilmMagic / Getty Images

Another celebrity well known for rocking short 'dos, Eva Pigford plays up this chic crop nicely with a complementary color. Hair this short can be low-maintenance on a daily basis, so plan on wrapping it at night and combing through in the morning. However, regular visits to the salon will be in order; you'll need routine trims to maintain the shape and, if you relax your hair to achieve a straight texture, you'll probably need more frequent touch-ups than every eight to twelve weeks.

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Selita Ebanks Two-toned Style

Selita Ebanks with short hairstyle
Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

As a model, Selita Ebanks has to be versatile with her looks, and she does a good job going from long to short locks with ease. A neat part allows her to slick back hair on one side, while letting the other side fall forward.

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Estelle: Color + Piecy Bangs = Win

Estelle with short hairstyle
WireImage / Getty Images

Short hair never has to be dull! Estelle not only adds gorgeous color to her hairstyle, but also goes for piecy bangs that fall over her brows.

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