If You Have Wavy Hair, Here's 15 Celeb Styles to Inspire Your Next Cut

Updated 04/15/18
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Having wavy hair means having natural movement and texture. If that's you, then you want a haircut that celebrates and exacerbates your waves, not fights them or weighs them down. That's exactly why so many wavy-haired people end up going short. If you've been pondering a shorter cut, then let these celebs inspire you with 15 short haircuts that will complement wavy hair.

Margot Robbie With Short, Wavy Hair
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Margot Robbie's simple, choppy waves are as easy on the eyes as they are to style. Whether you embrace your natural wave or use a flat iron to achieve a more refined look, this cut is perfect for those of us who prefer a no-fuss approach to styling.

Jourdan Dunn With Short, Wavy Hair
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Jourdan Dunn's bob is the high-fashion take on wavy hair. We love how her waves are low-key and disheveled for an "I woke up like this" vibe.

Jennifer Lawrence With Short, Wavy Hair
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Jennifer Lawrence made headlines when she chopped off her lengths in 2014. We love the deep side part and feathered texture. To replicate her look, try using a smoothing spray like Alterna Haircare's Bamboo Smooth Anti-Humidity Spray ($18).

Lily Collins With Short, Wavy Hair
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Lily Collins's asymmetric cut is equal parts edgy and refined. We haven't figured out how that's possible, but we're thinking it has something to do with the pairing of the smoky eye and the leather jacket.

Winnie Harlow With Short, Wavy Hair
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We like the texture of Winnie Harlow's pixie cut; there's something very '60s about it. You can see her soft waves in the piecey-ness of her bangs.

Kendall Jenner With Short, Wavy Hair
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Kendall Jenner's short hair is all about loose waves and shine. Try running Sachajuan's Shine Serum ($33) throughout your lengths and ends to achieve a similar gleam.

Janelle Monae With Short, Wavy Hair
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Janelle Monáe's signature short hair is similar to Winnie Harlow's pixie cut in that it looks light and feathery. We like the inclusion of side-swept bangs (and that ruby red lip doesn't hurt either). The soft waves in her hair are what keep this style looking dimensional and textured.

Kristen Stewart With Short, Wavy Hair
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Kristen Stewart's short cut has a super-edgy vibe to it, thanks to the slicked-back style and the slick contrast of highlights and lowlights. We like how she lets the wavy ends of her hair show at the nape of her neck.

Gina Rodriguez With Short, Wavy Hair
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Gina Rodriguez keeps it classic with a refined cut that ends in piece-y waves. To achieve that texture and separation, we'll swipe a little of Drybar's Whiskey Fix Styling Paste ($27) through the ends of our hair.

Ashley Benson With Short, Wavy Hair
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Ashley Benson's middle part gives the illusion of curtain bangs framing either side of her face. C'est très Française, non?

Victoria Beckham With Short, Wavy Hair
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What, did you think there was a chance that we wouldn't include Posh Spice? Victoria Beckham sports her signature dark sunglasses complete with loose, textured waves that we love.

Rachel McAdams With Short, Wavy Hair
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Rachel McAdams's layers make her short hair multidimensional. We like how there's not a single length throughout, which gives it movement and body.

Sienna Miller With Short, Wavy Hair
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If Old Hollywood glam is more your style, then look no further than Sienna Miller for inspiration. While the rest of her hair is smoothed back, she keeps a single loose ringlet out front. We're obsessed.

Rose Byrne With Short, Wavy Hair
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Rose Byrne shows us how ombré is done with short, wavy hair. Even though her hair is cut above the shoulders, the undulating color makes it look full and lush.

Emma Watson With Short, Wavy Hair
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Finally—we know Emma Watson's hair isn't exactly short; in fact, it's more medium-length than anything. However, she gets an honorable mention for pairing her natural, wavy texture with ultra-chic baby bangs. No matter how short she cuts her hair, this style will still look amazing and be worth replicating.

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