20 It Girl–Approved Short Haircuts for Fine Hair

There comes a time when a trim no longer cuts it. Whether your hair is damaged from a few too many dye jobs or you're bored with a style you've rocked for the past five years, sometimes a new short 'do is necessary. But what about those of us with incredibly thin hair? Will a short cut flatter our fine locks or completely wipe out the little volume we have?

Whether your texture is curly or straight, a short cut has the ability to lift volume and make thin hair look fuller. To get the skinny on the best short haircuts for fine hair, we reached out to Honey Artists hairstylist Corey Tuttle for his expert opinion on how to cut thin hair. Needless to say, he had quite a few styles to recommend, as well as this bit of sage advice: "Straight hair shows scissor marks, so look for a good hairstylist with talent in precision cutting."