It's Official: Stylists Say These Will Be the Best Short Haircuts for 2018

While long, flowing strands used to dominate the A-list, it can't be ignored that more and more of our favorite celebrities have been venturing to the short side and dishing up some serious hair inspo along the way. After all, who needs real length when we can opt for a luxurious set of extensions if we're craving a longer look? Going shorter might be intimidating if you're used to a longer mane, but there's also something undeniably chic about the look, as it immediately highlights striking features and bone structure.

Therefore, it's really no surprise that the majority of Hollywood is shedding layers in favor of short, chic cuts. Versatility! Edginess! Effortless maintenance! Truly, what could be dreamier? That being said, we know, you know, and stylists know that not all short haircuts are cut from the same cloth. So we were curious: What will the trends be for short haircuts in 2018? And further, which celebrities should we look to for the ultimate hair inspiration? We tapped some of the best stylists in the business to give us their two cents on the matter. And obviously, we took notes and found the stunning photos you can screenshot for your stylist. Keep reading for seven of the best haircuts stylists are loving for 2018.