Watch: How to Create Soft French-Girl Waves for Short Hair

Kristen Shaw is an expert hairstylist who works from a small studio in Venice, California. It's called the Cabin, and it's a space that's equal parts chic and cozy, just like her. She's known for creating beachy hairstyles—think textured lobs, feathered fringe, and other similar looks—that feel carefree and effortless (just like her oceanside residence).

Here, she show us exactly how she achieves those soft beach waves we all know and love on none other than Anine Bing—you know, the founder and creative director of the namesake clothing and accessory brand. (One scroll through her website, and we automatically want everything). 

Believe it or not, a perfect set of textured waves only requires a curling iron and two hair products. In fact, Shaw says it only takes five to 10 minutes to do on your own. In other words, she proves that pretty and effortless hair is alive and well. Watch the video to see how she creates Bing's signature piece-y waves. 

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