Former Sephora Employees Spill 15 Inside Shopping Secrets

Ah, Sephora—the hallowed halls of beauty heaven. Girls become women when they acquire their first Beauty Insider card. There are a few pieces of Sephora trivia that most beauty junkies already know. For example, you've likely heard that in Sephora terms, each store is called a stage and the employees are called cast members who wear not uniforms but costumes. (Read more little-known Sephora facts here.)

But even the most Sephora-obsessed consumers don't get an inside look at the company like the people who've worked there do. We have a certain fascination with Sephora cast members: Do they receive as many free products as we think they do? Are there any genius shopping tips sitting right under our noses? And how many samples are really too many? 

We decided to do some in-depth investigating to find exclusive Sephora knowledge that only an insider would possess. To keep things objective, we spoke with five former employees of the company: Ariel Orellana, Kylie Dennison, Rebecca McDonald, Tiffany Colon, and Nathalie Nieves (@natsnirvana). Keep scrolling to hear 15 of their genius insider secrets.

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This post was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated.