The 10 Best Arch-Supporting Shoes for Dance Cardio Workouts

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From Zumba to cardio hip-hop, there are tons of dance classes to get you moving. All that pivoting, turning, jumping, and footwork is a recipe for getting your heart pumping and having fun, and you want to pamper your feet while you get your groove on. That’s why we scoped out some of the best shoes to wear for dance workouts with the help of dance fitness pros.

Finding comfortable, supportive shoes is important to support and protect your feet during your workout. The shoes you pick depend on the type of dancing you prefer, says Katie Duffy, a Chicago-based dance instructor and certified personal trainer. If the class involves pivoting and twisting, you want to make sure you have enough ankle and arch support, she advises. For cardio-based workouts, your shoe should have enough cushion to protect your joints from high-impact jumping. “Make sure your shoes are in good shape,” says Duffy. “If you work out on a regular basis, you should have two to three pairs of shoes and plan to get new ones every three to four months.”  

Read on to see which shoes these dance experts recommend to keep your feet safe, supported, and comfortable while you boogie down.

Meet the Expert

  • Megan Bernier is a dancer and co-director of Dance Forever, a dance fitness studio in Chicago.
  • Katie Duffy is a PTA-certified personal trainer and dance instructor based in Chicago. 
  • Ziba Lennox is a dancer and co-founder of MaZi Dance Fitness, a dance workout studio in Chicago.

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Athletic Propulsion Labs TechLoom Pro Shoes

apl techloom
Athletic Propulsion Labs TechLoom Pro $140.00

There’s a reason these shoes have 300 five-star reviews. “My clients rave about these sneakers,” says Bernier. “They’re super lightweight, form-fitting, and feel like you're dancing barefoot with the support that you want and need.”

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Ryka Vida RZX Training Shoe

Ryka training shoe
Ryka RZX Training Shoe $90.00

If you’re looking for support as you twist and jump, Ryka’s training shoe has it in spades. “Ryka is really supportive for your ankles and is almost an orthopedic shoe in my opinion,” says Lennox. “It has a lot of flexibility and support, so pivoting is accessible.”

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Under Armour Charged Assert 8 Running Shoes

UA running shoes
Under Armour UA Charged Assert 8 Running Shoes $70.00

If your dance workouts are heavy on jumping, Lennox recommends these shoes. They’re supportive, lightweight, and cushioned so that you can get your high-impact dance on while preventing any joint or arch pain.

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Bloch Boost Mesh Split Sole Dance Sneakers

bloch sneakers
Bloch Boost Mesh Split Sole Dance Sneakers $72.00

Bloch specializes in dance shoes and clothing, so these sneakers were designed with your workouts in mind, says Lennox. The split soles are built for easy spinning, and the high arch support will keep your feet comfortable while you dance. The shock-absorbing sole and cushioned heel will keep your feet firmly in place and protect you from any high-impact moves.

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Bloch Omnia Knitted Sneakers

Bloch Omnia Lightweight Knitted Sneakers $60.00

If you’re looking for a more versatile cross-trainer from Bloch, look no further. The shoe’s padded inner heel will keep your feet securely in place, and its toe bumper and shock-absorbing sole will keep you safe and supported during your workout. These sneakers are perfect for Zumba or your other favorite workouts thanks to their trendy knit aesthetic.

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New Balance FuelCell Trainer

new balance sneakers
New Balance FuelCell Trainer $100.00

If you have small or weaker ankles, Lennox recommends New Balance trainers for their secure fit and ankle stabilization. “New Balance supports the heel well, which is especially useful for small ankles,” she says. “You have more control because the heel tends to be low to the ground.”

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Reebok Guresu 2 Shoes

reebok geresu shoes
Reebok Geresu 2.0 $77.00

Dance in style with these Reebok sneakers made specifically for studio workouts. Bernier loves these because they’re designed with turns, pivots, and 360-degree movement in mind. “If you've ever tried dancing in a tennis shoe, sometimes you can't turn as well or as much because the sneaker sticks to the floor,” she says. “These shoes have a ‘turn zone’ that provides a smoothness under the ball of your foot, which allows less friction on the floor, more ability to turn, and maintains support and control.”

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