Shioli Kutsuna Tells Us Her Japanese-Australian Beauty Secrets

When we connect over the phone, Shioli Kutsuna speaks slowly and carefully, the timbre of her voice lower than you’d expect. This is not a woman who blurts out the first thing that comes to mind. Normally, I would assume this demeanor is a result of years of media training (and perhaps the wounded response to an unflattering interview or two). But Kutsuna’s star is only beginning to rise, having played key roles in a few Japanese television shows and movies before arriving in Hollywood in a way that has propelled many before her into stardom: via a superhero film, of course. Her portrayal of mutant Yukio in the Marvel superhero film Deadpool 2 put her on the map, and only time will tell where Kutsuna’s career will take her now that she has that coveted pedigree under her belt.

Right at this moment, however, she’s on her way to the airport, having wrapped a nonstop press tour for the sequel to the Ryan Reynolds–fronted Marvel darling on everyone’s lips. Over the next half hour, Kutsuna and I discuss everything from placenta moisturizer to meditation, and I get the impression that she chooses her words carefully, and not from a jaded attitude or guardedness, but because she is a careful, thoughtful person. She’s honest with her feelings about representing Asian women in an industry that either puts them in a box or disregards them entirely (in short: She’s not entirely comfortable), she’s open about her tendency to worry about the future (same), and she comes across as an entirely genuine individual trying to find her way in the world while staying true to herself. Superheroes—they’re just like us.