This Trio of Shimmer Eye Pencils Is What Holiday Dreams Are Made Of

Shimmer Eye Makeup

We’re suckers for anything that shines and sparkles (who isn’t?), so when the holidays hit we're not afraid to get knee-deep in glitter. With social calendars quickly filling up with parties and gatherings, we're filling our makeup bags with metallic shadows, bolder-than-usual lipsticks, and some limited-edition finds worthy of a year-round spot in our routines. So if you’re feeling like your product collection is lacking—or just want an excuse to treat yourself—our friends at European Wax Center® launched a limited-edition trio of shimmer eye pencils for the holidays, and we’re already breaking them out. Here’s why… 

What It Is:

The Limited Edition Shimmer Pencil Trio + Sharpener ($27, a $60 value) is a set of long-wearing, water-resistant shimmery eye pencils that are perfect for any festivities. (We all know parties can be long, and you need something that lasts.) They come in three shades (rose gold, silver, and midnight) and can be used as eyeliners, highlighters, and even eyeshadows. The kit also includes a handy little sharpener—so you can sip your bubbly in peace and not stress about running low this holiday season.  

Why We Need to Have It:

’Tis the season of giving—to yourself and others—and this holiday-inspired set is perfect for adding a little (or a lot) of sparkle to any look. But rest assured you can wear this set past the New Year. Swap your everyday black liner for the midnight blue, highlight the inner corner of your eyes with a bit of rose gold or silver, or blend any shade on your lid as an eyeshadow. Mix, match, and use them however you please. They’re subtle and pretty and make us feel like adults while still indulging in our glittery dreams.

Where to Get It:

Pick up the limited-edition set while supplies last at any European Wax Center® until December 31—visit to find your nearest location.

European Wax Center® Limited Edition Shimmer Pencil Trio + Sharpener $27

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