This Jade Roller Sold Out at Nordstrom 3 Times in Only 2 Months

Lately, facial massage rollers have been trending. So much so that buzzy indie brand Herbivore even released a rose quartz roller of its own. (You know it's trendy if Herbivore is doing it.) These rollers are used to reduce puffiness through lymphatic drainage as well as to increase blood circulation to the skin. We love to roll them over the contours of our faces, either alone or with a face oil, to get a plumper, dewier, and more awakened complexion.

Herbivore's Millennial Pink roller is covetable, but the traditional material used to make facial rollers is jade. The earthy green gemstone is thought to boost your mind and body's protective powers as well as calm and soothe the skin. It's a gemstone that can absorb your body's negative energy.

Apparently, it works, at least based on the sales of one jade roller in particular. It's from the under-the-radar beauty brand called Shiffa, and it's sold out three times (count 'em, three) since it was launched back in December.

Shiffa Jade Roller $63

The jade roller in question is this elegant dual-ended beauty. Calming light-green jade covers the handle and both ends of the massagers, with accents of gold connecting it together. Aside from making any vanity look Instagram-ready, it also offers the skin real anti-aging and restorative benefits.

Even if you're not big on gemstones and their purported spiritual benefits, facial massage will increase circulation, which brings oxygen-rich blood to the surface of the skin. This can improve the appearance of the complexion, making it look fresher and more radiant, as opposed to the dullness we're used to seeing in the mirror around this time of year. Plus, the stone has a low resting temperature, meaning every time you place it on the skin, you feel a cool and soothing effect. Massage rollers are also thought to assist in lymphatic drainage and remove toxins from the skin. Take it from my personal experience and roll the small massage head over under-eye bags in the morning, and they'll all but disappear.

If you're interested in adding an elegant aesthetic touch to your vanity and a new puffiness-reducing tool to your skincare regimen, act fast. Like I said, it's only been at Nordstrom for a couple months, and it's sold out three times. If history repeats itself, it will soon be gone again.

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