9 Sheet Masks to Try While Everyone Else Watches the Super Bowl This Weekend

The rise of sheet masks in the Western world has been wonderful, albeit unsurprising—aside from the obvious fact that the concentrated treatments are great for skin, they're also portable, affordable, and perfect Snapchat fodder. In other words, they're the perfect storm for a fad that also has staying power.

But here is my singular issue with sheet masks, though I'll totally concede that I'm being nitpicky: I am so sick of them sliding off of my face. What if I don't want to commit to 30 minutes lying down, just so the mask will stay put? Is it really so much to ask that I can properly ridicule The Bachelor during my beauty treatment? Or peruse my dinner delivery options online? Or make it through every touchdown come Super Bowl Sunday?

I thus made it my noble pursuit to test out a couple dozen sheet masks in order to narrow down those with superior construction—the ones that allow me to sit up, stand, walk around, and fold my laundry without white cotton slipping over my eyes and ampoule dripping from my chin. After enlisting the help of K-beauty genius Alicia Yoon (of Peach & Lily), the trial is complete, my skin is unnaturally glowy, and I've narrowed them down to eight favorites. See the verdict below.

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