If You're Breaking Out, Here Are 10 Sheet Masks for Acne We Swear By

You wouldn't use a cleanser or moisturizer specifically formulated for dry, flaking skin if you have an oily, acne-prone complexion, right? And sheet masks should be no different. Though there's an ever-increasing number of fancy and innovative sheet mask formulas debuting within the skincare industry, it's still important to keep your eyes on the prize and select the products specifically designed to nurture, enhance, and improve your particular skin type. So we've been wondering which of our favorite sheet masks specifically targets acne?

We put our nose to the grindstone and researched the top 10 sheet masks for acne that will not only address current breakouts and oil but future ones, as well. From hyperpigmentation to blackheads to shine, keep reading for the 10 sheet masks for acne we trust with our frustrating blemishes again and again

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