Sheertex Tights Claim to Be Nearly Indestructible–for $79, Are They Worth It?

Six people try the tights that have taken over your Instagram feeds.

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It is not a great feeling when you finally get where you’re going, feeling good and confident, and then you look down and see your tights have torn and deformed. Somehow, my Instagram algorithm knew I’d been feeling this too much lately.

I saw ads all over my feed for tights that were relatively indestructible: Sheertex. The Canada-based company boasted being better than any other pair of tights, making theirs with the same material used in bulletproof vests and climbing equipment. In their videos, they launch dumbbells into the tights, rub them against a cheese grater, and attach them to a harness to suspend a grown woman from the ceiling. After only using tights that tear my whole life, can you understand how I was skeptical?

I am a professional pantyhose ripper. My nails are always brushing up on the sides and getting caught in my nylons. But, fundamentally, I agreed with the Sheertex philosophy: If we have self-driving cars, we should also have pantyhose that last. Plus, the company hand sews these in their factory where workers are paid a fair wage. I liked the sound of that.

I had to see if these tights could stand me—and so did a bunch of us at Byrdie. I set out to try out a couple pairs of Sheertex along with several editors. Below, our honest thoughts.

Our Thoughts:

Andrea Bossi, style and beauty contributor


Andrea Bossi

"When I first put my Sheertex Classic Sheer Tights ($79) on, I cringed hard. One of my resident ever-so-slightly-broken nails got caught in the pantyhose. This is usually a death sentence for the tights I normally use. To my surprise, the Sheertex just rolled with the punches. Sheertex: 1. Me: 0.

I’ve also had plenty of (sad) times where my tights roll down into an awkward tube around my hips. Sheertex got ahead of the game here, too. The tights are made with a thick waistband (just like yoga pants) that stays put and doesn’t feel like it’s cutting off circulation to my stomach. After spending all day wearing these, they didn't roll down and kept comfy. This was also true for the Shaping Sheer Tights ($79). Sheertex: 2. Me: 0.

As great as they were, the color wasn’t too consistent when I first put the tights on. It took a bit of stretching and moving the tights around for a clean sheer look without splotches.

All in all, I actually liked these tights. Switching to Sheertex will make me dread wearing tights a lot less. But here’s one thing I can’t say about them: Sheertex tights are supposed to last. I only tried them out for several weeks and can’t yet speak to their longevity. Check in with me in 2023."

Jasmine Phillips, social media editor


Jasmine Phillips

"There are three reasons why I love to hate tights.

1. They make my legs itch.

2. I can never wear them more than once because they always rip.

3. The waistband isn’t secure so I find myself pulling them up all day long.

These Sheertex tights have changed the game! Not only have they solved all three of my biggest tights woes but they come in really cute styles. They are also tall girl-friendly; the length is perfect and comes high enough without awkwardly cutting my torso."

Madeline Hirsch, news director


Madeline Hirsch

"I always put tights through the wringer this time of year. Maybe it’s my born-with-it clumsiness or my inability to think outside the box for holiday dressing (tights, statement skirts, and turtlenecks are pretty much my uniform), but I inevitably burn through at least one pair by New Year's Eve, spurring a last minute dash to the drugstore for a replacement.

This year, I’m happy to report, is different. Behold: Sheertex, the absolute best tights on the market today (I will die on this hill). They’re super durable (it’s mid-January and I still haven’t needed a replacement), offer a cheeky-but-still-tasteful level of sheerness, and have a bit of a gloss to them. Plus, they fit—I’m 5’10, so finding tights that work for my tall frame is sometimes a struggle. If you’re reading this article because you’re on the hunt for a new pair, add these to your cart immediately. The quality is well worth the price."

Araziel Jackson, assistant social media editor


Araziel Jackson

"These Gold Sparkle Classic Super Sheer Tights ($79) from Sheertex were the perfect festive addition to my outfits this holiday season, especially paired with my favorite gold jewelry. As a tall girl, 5’9” to be exact, I've ripped just about every pair of tights I own trying to stretch them, but not these! They're super stretchy and a little thicker than your typical tights, making them practically indestructible. Although they're more on the expensive side, I can say, your search for the perfect tights ends here.”

Karlie Bendlin, senior editor

karlie Bendlin

Karlie Bendlin

"Since I've rarely been able to wear a pair of tights more than three times without ripping them, I was extremely excited to test out Sheertex. From the moment I slid them on, I knew these tights were unlike any other pair I've tried. They're super soft and stretchy, so I didn't have to go through the usual tugging battle to get them on, and they just feel luxurious. I've worn them multiple times already, and they still look and feel as good as they did when I opened the packaging. They're definitely worth the hype—and the price tag."

Jesa Calaor, beauty editor

Jesa Calaor

Jesa Calaor

"Tights are a major part of my wardrobe, and I would gladly throw away the ones I own for just one pair of Sheertex Shaping Ultrasheer Tights ($79). They check off all the boxes when it comes to what I look for in pantyhose: They’re incredibly soft, shape without being too constricting, and don’t tear when I pull them on or adjust them with my medium-length nails. I do, however, have one gripe: As I walk and my thighs rub, I can hear the friction of the material more than I would regular tights. But that’s a small price to pay for how high-quality these pantyhose look and feel."

The Bottom Line:

Sheertex gets a big shoutout for incredible innovation. They’re sheer and thin yet very strong (though not fully indestructible). Whether you need to wear tights every day or just occasionally, we think Sheertex is a top option for quality and durability. With their nude, colorful, and pattern collections, you can also find just about any style you want.

The near $100 price tag can feel hard to justify. Depending on your budget and how much you value good tights, these can be cheaper than buying a steady flow of pantyhose every time one pair goes out of commission. Plus, Sheertex offers a 30 day no-rip, snag or tear guarantee. If you tear, rip, or snag your tights, you’ll get a free replacement pair. Buying these tights also comes with lower stakes.

If the price isn’t at all accessible for you, we have some exciting news. Sheertex just released a more affordable option at $29 made with the same strong fibers and 30-day guarantee. Although we didn’t test them, these look promising, and we love that new price tag.

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