Shay Mitchell Answers Byrdie Readers' Burning Beauty Questions


Tibrina Hobson/Getty

Shay Mitchell seems to be the go-to beauty girl in Hollywood. More than most celebrities we meet, she's game to chat hair and makeup all day long; plus she's involved with multiple cool beauty brands, including Bioré and Smashbox.

Back in November, Shay collaborated with Smashbox to release seven drool-worthy eye shadow palettes, all of which come in the most mesmerizing holographic packaging and flaunt a myriad of versatile shades. In honor of the collab, we got an exclusive invite to Smashbox Studios in Los Angeles to interview Shay at about all things beauty. But because we know that you all, our lovely readers, are just as obsessed with her as we are, we left the interview questions up to you.

After asking our Instagram followers to send us their most burning beauty questions for Shay, we picked our five favorites, and last night, she answered them. (Make sure you're following @byrdiebeauty on Instagram so you can be involved in future opportunities like this one!)

Keep scrolling to see Shay Mitchell answer five questions from Byrdie readers.