Exclusive: Shay Mitchell's Perfect-Hair Secret Is Annoyingly Simple

If you don't know her for her role as Emily on everyone's favorite guilty-pleasure television show Pretty Little Liars, you've probably seen her on Instagram. Twenty million followers subscribe to the actress's travel, fashion, and beauty posts, a curated side job that's earned Mitchell the title of "influencer" on her résumé, inked right above her latest role as global creative brand ambassador for Buxom Cosmetics.

"It was a really awesome fit," Mitchell tells us of the partnership, "and when then they asked me to be the global creative brand ambassador, that was something that I was excited to be a part of because that means that I can help out with the different photo shoots and be more of a helping hand in the creative process. Just recently, I tested one of the newer products, and it was really cool to have a say in it and be a part of the group." 

We can see why Buxom tapped Mitchell's expertise—the multi-hyphenate is a walking mood board for all things beauty. So when the brand invited us to chat with her about her new campaign and glean her beauty secrets, we couldn't have accepted faster. Below, we chat her favorite Buxom products, her former insecurities, and why her hair always looks so perfect. (Spoiler: It involves one natural ingredient.)