I Went on a Beauty Safari With Shay Mitchell, and It Was as Surreal as It Sounds

They told me the car would pick me up at 7:30 a.m. and that I should wear flats so I wouldn’t trip as we toured the dusty grounds of the animal sanctuary. Google Maps told me it would take an hour to get there from L.A. I set out a pair of loafers and a tablet of Dramamine in case the drive got wild.

Because I’m a late sleeper, I didn’t have time to finish my makeup before my ride called me to come down. As we hurtled around the winding switchback roads, making our way toward the mountains of Angeles National Forest, I quickly regretted my decision to apply liquid lipstick in the car. We whipped around a tight corner, and I inevitably dropped the applicator in my lap, leaving a bright pink streak on my thigh in the shape of a check mark.

Damn, I thought. Shay Mitchell’s going to think I’m a slob.

I was headed to an event for Bioré, but this wasn’t your typical launch party. Normally when brands release a new product, they host a dainty breakfast at a hotel centrally located in Los Angeles. But to honor the release of its limited-edition animal-print pore strips, Bioré decided to do something out of the ordinary.

All I knew was that the event would be held at a wildlife shelter in the mountains and that I’d be interviewing Shay Mitchell, the face of the campaign. I certainly did not know that within the hour I’d be splitting papaya with the celeb and accompanying her on a walking safari.

To find out what went down (and get some genius beauty tips from Shay), keep reading.

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