This Is Shanina Shaik's Exact Beauty Routine When She Flies


Getty Images

We all know that flying doesn't do any favors for your skin. Between the recycled air, the severe lack of moisture, the inevitable dehydration, and unforgiving changes in pressure that can leave you swollen and bloated, air travel can be a big bummer when it comes to beauty. But models—whose job it is to look fresh-faced and ready to work with a clear, glowing complexion—have no choice but to maintain beautiful skin that doesn't seem like its been subjected to all that goes on at 35,000 feet in the air.

So when Shanina Shaik spilled her exact in-flight beauty routine with us, we were all ears (and took some vigorous notes). The Australian model, who you likely recognize from many a runway (including Chanel, Ford, and Stella McCartney), as well as the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, has been busy planning her wedding to DJ Ruckus and working on a project with E! set to come out next year. When she took a moment out of her schedule to chat with us, she walked us through every step and every product she swears by on flights (in addition to drinking plenty of water)—so study up, and add these model-approved tricks to your arsenal the next time you fly.

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