Overheard: A Top Model and Her Makeup Artist Swap Beauty Secrets

A face like model Shanina Shaik's is rare. A combination of Australian, Eastern European, and Middle Eastern genes create what her makeup artist, Rae Morris, calls the "most feminine yet editorial face." But what’s even rarer than the Victoria's Secret model's striking beauty is her relationship with Morris. Over years of working together, the two have developed a creative symbiosis as artist and muse.

You might think the dialogue between makeup artist and model is more one-sided—the artist does her thing, and the model accepts whatever that may be. But whether they're on set for a magazine shoot or a makeup tutorial video, Morris and Shaik's process is much more collaborative. They learn from one another's experiences; they memorize each other's specific tastes and quirks; and they understand one another on a deeper level.

Last week, we got to tune in as Shaik and Morris swapped the best beauty secrets they've learned along the way. The two were in L.A. for the launch of Morris's new beauty book, Makeup Masterclass ($70), which features Shaik on the cover. These two are busy people, and they don't always get the time to sit down and chat makeup, so we were lucky to get to eavesdrop on this rare event. During their conversation, we learned under-the-radar hacks we've truly never heard before. (You'll never guess their secret trick for finding your foundation match.)

To listen in as a top model and her makeup artist exchange inside tips, keep scrolling.

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